Size has nothing to do with luxury!


Luxury isn’t just a large home It takes more these days than just a large home, to define the true meaning of luxury.  And Luxury homes are popping up all over the Los Angeles remodel scene. The word luxury brings to mind plenty of conveniences such as, pools, bathrooms with built in towel warmers, in-home gyms that include the newest equipment, backyard tennis courts, game rooms, and fully-stocked kitchens with warming drawers and wine cellars? But what are the items that luxury home buyers want the most?  What is a luxury homebuyer looking for when shopping for their new abode? How can you make your home as luxurious as possible during your next remodel?

Here are the top luxuries people are looking for to ensure you aren’t adding amenities that no one is looking at.

A home theater is great, but luxury home buyers are looking for more than just a room with a large screen and comfy seats. You will need to step it up a notch and get yourself an IMAX home theater if you want to wow the crowd, the luxury crowd that is. Watching Hollywood block busters from the comfort of your home is now possible, with a hefty price tag that is. IMAX will bring the best theater to your door for $3 million dollars and change. If this isn’t something you think you have prepared in your remodel budget, that’s ok, wait a few years and the price may decrease. Until then we can continue to shell out big bucks for the movie theater or wait until it shows up at your local Redbox.

Speaking about technology, the luxury amenity next on our list is a home that is fully managed, monitored and controlled by a smart phone or tablet. Hence the name: “smart home.” Control the temperature, light setting, security system, door and window locks, sound system, t.v’s, and more, with the touch of one button from where ever you are. The digital world is taking over and people want technology improved homes. Think about technology and innovations before you start your next luxury project. Luxury is all about making life easier, better and being able to do things faster. Such luxury means you do not have to open or close your curtains. That’s right; homes are becoming equipped with motorized blackout curtains or shades. Why? Because this is what home owners think will make their life easier. I guess it seems nice to have your curtains set to close or open at a certain time, or pressing a button to close the shades when the afternoon glare is obscuring your t.v show rather than getting up to do it yourself. Have your smart phone control your curtains too while you are at it.

To make your home feel more luxurious, Shelley Little of says ,”Skim through design magazines and look at all the wonderful nooks and crannies that they portray. You will notice that when a room is well-designed, everything has a home and a purpose. There is no clutter in a hotel or well-organized room.” Lastly she notes, “The entryway is the first and last thing that (people) see. Make it one that leaves a lavish impact. “

So you have guessed it, luxury comes with a cost. Keep in mind that these are the top luxury amenities, but there are thousands that are affordable and worth the renovation.