Take your new bathroom and turn back time to Vintage bathroom remodel

Take your new bathroom and turn back time to Vintage If you are searching for great vintage bathroom remodel ideas you are in the right place. Remodeling any room is difficult when you love more than one style, but vintage bathrooms are even harder to recreate when you have so many small details to remember. With this vintage remodel you will have to worry about everything matching so perfectly.


Mix and match storage units in your vintage bathroom remodel. The distressed table fits perfect into this retro bathroom.


Arranging a mixture of different size and shaped antique mirrors is a fabulous way to draw in light to your small vintage bathroom remodel.

Vintage bathroom designs, which are easily adapted to showcase the style of one or more eras, are equally at home in historical mansions, coastal cottages, city brownstones, and suburban ranches. Explore our vintage bathroom ideas to find inspiration for crafting bathrooms that spill over with collected charm and period-perfect profiles. Take a look and see how beaded-board wainscoting separated from painted upper walls by substantial chair rails partner with floors crafted from tiny octagonal porcelain or marble tiles to set the stage for early-20th-century bathroom designs. Take vintage bathrooms to the retro side by using floor patterns of 1950 and claw foot tubs.

vinatge inspired bathroom

The fastest way to get that vintage bathroom remodel look you desire? Install vanities crafted from vintage dressers or antique sideboards, and use heirloom armoires or weathered farm cabinets for linen storage. You can easily create your own vanity with a vintage dresser, porcelain sink and vintage mirror. Vintage doesn’t have to mean old, you can choose stock or custom vanities that sport decorative moldings, raised embellishments, and distressed finishes such as the chalkboard effect. Cast-iron towel hooks, porcelain-handle faucets, and reproduction lighting -- along with antique bathroom fixtures like refurbished claw-foot tubs, pedestal sinks, and stainless-steel medicine cabinets to will help you recreate a vintage bathroom's age-old leanings and ageless attitude.

antique bathroom vanity

Pictured above is an antique serpentine dresser and mirror purposed into a vintage vanity.