Is bamboo flooring right for your home?


Is bamboo flooring right for your home? bamboo-flooring-inspiration

Use these helpful tips to avoid Bamboo blunders in your home. Bamboo is an exotic and beautiful natural flooring choice with numerous attractive qualities that it can lend to a variety of environments. There are more than one type of Bamboo flooring as well, Horizontal Bamboo, Vertical Bamboo, carbonized, natural, tinted and hand scraped Bamboo flooring are amongst the options. No wonder its becoming ever so popular in home remodels.

However it also has some inherent vulnerability which can cause problems under certain conditions. Understanding the limitations of the material, and the reaction that it will have to certain elements will help you to make an informed purchasing decision. Those elements can include; heat, moisture, humidity, staining liquids and high traffic use.

While bamboo is a relatively hard material, it can be subject to scratches, dents, and cracks under certain conditions. Over time pet nails, or unpadded high heels can cause unsightly marks and scratches in the floor, and if furniture legs are carelessly dragged across its surface permanent damage can be the result. Even small particles of dirt and debris can act like grit, sanding and scoring the flooring, wearing off the protective top coat, and overtime give it a dull appearance. It is recommended to avoid Bamboo flooring in such areas as; a moderate to heavily used bathroom, and even in a kitchen you must be careful to ensure proper upkeep.

I know what you are thinking, I will just clean it more and avoid damage to make the flooring last longer! Wrong! You should never immerse a bamboo floor in water, so wet mopping isn’t an option. The water will damage the wood and cause the Bamboo floor boards to swell, lift and separate. Thus you will be left spend thousands to replace the damaged floor. This means that regular cleaning will require a little bit more work and care then simply sopping the surface with suds once a week. Sweeping and vacuuming regularly will help to get rid of small dirt particles that can cause scratches. You can occasionally damp mop the floor once you have removed all particles that could scratch the surface.

Bamboo is a beautiful choice for flooring in your home remodel; we want you to make the best choice based on your life style and commitment to maintenance.  Contact us today to help you with your remodel needs, right down to the floor.