Bathroom remodel tips to keep your project afloat


Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Tips Of all the bathroom remodel ideas and tips the very first thing you need to think about is your budget. This will be the first tip and the most important. You can’t plan a bathroom remodel without first knowing your budget for the project and how much of that you will need to spend on each aspect of the remodel. The budget will tell you if you will be able to move plumbing, purchase new or refurbish your old items, as you can see the budget is very important. Set your budget ahead of time to avoid overspending and major disaster. Of course there will always be a chance of unexpected changes, but having this budget in play will be a great guide and tell you if you can get that fancy light fixture you have been idolizing.



A few ways to save money from this set budget will be to keep the existing plumbing in the spot that they are in currently, this means no redesigning the layout of the shower or sink. You can also save money by refinishing your tub, sink and cabinet. This costs you about a tenth of the new purchase price. Talk about savings! In some cases you will need to replace your existing tub and cabinet, especially if they are damaged due to moisture and mold. Ventilation is a MUST in order to avoid mold and mildew. Don’t forget to add ample ventilation to your bathroom remodel.

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In the design stages remodel experts stress the importance of proper use of lighting. Dim lighting is great for relaxation and baths, though for shaving and makeup application bright lighting is much needed. The use of windows, lighting and mirrors to reflect the light can make a small bathroom seem larger. Tip: Stay away from dark colors when remodeling a small bathroom. Installing a pedestal sink or floating vanity can save flooring space and help when space is limited. No matter small or large – a bathroom should have an abundance of storage. When designing storage space opt for shower niches to harbor soaps, and consider vertical storage units outside of the shower. Utilize all of the space even those areas that are empty. If you are looking to include extra drawers in your vanity, try adding a vessel sink! Installing your flooring at a diagonal angle can give the illusion of more floor space as well. Use a textured tile or matte tile if you are worried about non slip, also try porcelain or glazed tile for easy care.

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Water efficiency can get displaced off the list of remodel items, but should not be forgotten. Fixtures and toilets are no made to be the utmost water efficient. Look for a toilet with a MaP score of 500 or higher to ensure you are saving water with every flush. Not only is water important, energy is as well. Upgrade your bathroom remodel wiring and change out your old amp circuit for a 20 amp. Include plenty of outlets to accommodate your electrical items like razor, curling iron, and tooth brush and so on and so forth.