DIY Exterior projects award worthy

DIY Exterior projects award worthy Bringing that camping fire or bon fire feel to your backyard is easy. Exterior projects like DIY Fire Pits have grown ever more popular with most time being spent at home, and as outdoor fireplaces can run you in the upwards of $10,000. No matter if you are looking for an easy fire pit project or a more professional looking fire pit – your homes exterior is covered here. Fire pits can be created to be permanent or portable - this of this before designing. The no effort solution to your fire pit desires is attainable in a few steps. 1. Find a desired spot in your yard (10 feet from your home or a neighbor's home) and make level. 2. Purchase a fire pit (or DIY a fire pit) and seating. 3. Set up and enjoy! It’s as easy as that, seriously. But, if you are still scratching your head on number don’t fret. Poured concrete slabs are a great place to set up shop and land your fire pit site, but not the only place you can opt for. Great fire pit areas have been created by simply leveling the ground and pouring sand or going to the extreme of building a deck. jane ellison fire pit design Image credit: Jason Ellison patio-ideas-with-fire-pit2 This fire pit with built in seating is a great transition and use of the adjoined deck. Placing the deck above ground the designer was able to continue the deck and build custom seating for the fire pit. HGTV yard takeover fire pit Image credit: HGTV Yard Takeovers

If you are looking for a more defined exterior fire pit you can contact a professional to design and build a custom fire pit. For safety - permanent seating or chairs should be 2 feet from an open flame. Wood burning, gas or even electric fire pits can be installed for a beautiful ambiance. This custom patio features a built in fire pit and seamless exterior design. custom built in fire pit scott cohen design Image credit: Scott Cohen douglas-landscape-construction_364 Custom fire pits can be designed to have permanent bench seating and/or accent lighting. If you can dream it, it can be built to accentuate your home. Exterior design should not be overlooked when trying to upgrade your home or make it more comfortable. fire-pit-seat-wall-stamped-concrete-salzano-custom-concrete_74352 Safety tips to keep in mind when utilizing your newly designed fire pit: 1. A fire of any kind-small or roaring big-demands serious attention to safety. 2. Check wind direction before you light a fire 3. Don’t use flammable fluids (gasoline, lighter fluid, etc) to light or relight fires 4. Don’t wear flammable clothing (like nylon) or any loose-fit clothing 5. Avoid using soft woods like pine or cedar, because they can “pop” and throw sparks. 6. Know how to safely dispose of ashes