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Benefits and Beauty: Wall mounted fireplaces fireplace wall mounted

Get all the benefits of a traditional fireplace without having to give up a whole wall or a whole renovation budget. The newest way to get warmth and add a bold statement: wall mounted fireplaces. There is nothing wrong with traditional fireplaces – the smell of fresh burning wood is amazing. But some people don’t have the space or the budget in their home remodel to add a fireplace and chimney. Installing a wood burning fireplace and brick lined chimney and mantel can cost well over tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention a gas fireplace will cost you even more.

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Now the solution for homeowners is the wall mounted fireplace. Wall mounted fireplaces can cost as low as $500. They do not require a whole wall or a whole lot of construction work like traditional fireplaces. This leaves so much more room for decorating and adding to your home’s style. You can now give your living room that cozy feeling you have always wanted or turn your bathroom into your own romantic getaway within your means.

Don’t break the bank for a fireplace or give up your dream to have them in your home.

These innovative fireplaces take up little to no space and look sophisticated. They carry so many designs you are bound to love two or three, maybe more. You can opt for a black fronted long and narrow fireplace that can be recessed to fit seamlessly into your wall giving your space a professional look.  Or you may decide you want a wall mounted fireplace that protrudes from the wall with thick frosted glass and is more contemporary. No matter what you decide you will enjoy them and not regret this renovation buy.


Turn any room sleek with a wall mounted fireplace!

Wall mounted fireplaces are ventless and can be easily installed in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms – almost anywhere. Reducing energy they come in electric, gel and bio- ethanol fuel powered. They call for only a small hole into the wall behind the fireplace, and are easily mounted in a few hours. You may either DIY for the installation or call on a professional, either way getting your fireplace has never been easier.

No more cutting wood, ash marks on your carpet or the worry of dangerous fumes.

Low maintenance is the correct word for these stylish fireplaces. You won’t have to shovel out coals and clean soot off of walls after every use. With any fireplace there is the concern for children safety, after all it is not called a fire place for no reason. Less safety concerns than traditional fireplace, wall mounted fireplaces can be installed out of children’s reach. You will always have to monitor when using any form of fireplace or equipment that puts off fire, and having a window cracked is recommended. But with wall mounted fireplaces you no longer have fire at the reach of little hands.

With all the benefits and beauty of wall mounted fireplaces I see why they are popping up everywhere.

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