How to fake a Fireplace without it looking cheap


How to fake a Fireplace without it looking cheap I can’t lie, this Christmas season has me head over heels in love with Fireplaces and having the idea of a Mantle to hang stockings from. There is just something about hanging stocking and fancy garland from a mantle that screams CHRISTMAS! You may be sitting there thinking, “Yeah sounds great, but I can’t have a wood burning fireplace, thanks anyways.” This is exactly why designers have crazy ideas, to give you your dream home, even when you can’t have a certain aspect.

So you don’t have a fireplace or mantle, and you can’t remodel your home to get one. What do you do? You have a faux fireplace and electric heater built custom for your home! There are two options here, you can have one built into your home and attached to your existing wall – this is a great option for home owners. There are an endless amount of design ideas and color schemes to give you the perfect Faux Fireplace!

Let’s say you hate the idea of an electric heater, you can chose to go with candles instead to give you that fancy look.


faux fireplace, faux mantle

faux fireplace


faux fireplace mantle

If you want something less permanent, in the event you move or want to have this option in your bedroom after your living room design gets boring – then you can have a custom faux fireplace and electric heater built as a standalone. This option is kind of like a piece of furniture, and can be moved with you or rearranged as you see fit. Great for people who change their mind often, if you find yourself rearranging your living room throughout the year, lets opt for this option.

faux standalone fireplace

faux fireplace with heater


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