Forget what they told you, this is really how long a remodel takes

Forget what they told you, this is really how long a remodel takes The common misconception is that remodels have to take forever long and always drag on and on after numerous issues. The stuff you read online when you search, “how long does a remodel take?” is downright frightening.   Who would want to remodel their house after horror stories and a super long time line? We are going to break down the remodel myths and get you on the right track to remodel facts.

Let’s talk about remodel issues foremost. It is true what they say about issues, they can pop up at any time, but the key is having a great remodel team like Spazio LA, behind you to solve issues fast or prevent them in most cases. No remodel team can see the future, but there are some that are specialized in the industry and know what signs to look for to prevent failure.

Now let’s talk about how long a remodel takes. A good remodel can take anywhere from 1 month and up – all depending on the size and complexity of the remodel. You can’t give an average time estimate when no two remodels are the same. No two remodels will require the same materials, same design and have the same team running them – therefore there is no average number of days or months that a remodel takes. But, we can talk about our remodel experience and how long it took our experienced team to complete our Spazio LA design projects.

To give you an idea of how long a remodel takes, we would love to share our Culver City remodel with you. This remodel took 10 weeks to complete from the time demo started to the time we were able to showcase the finished project. We remodeled 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen, two living rooms, an office and a laundry room. That's 11 rooms remodeled in 10 weeks, all thanks to great coordination and planning by our team of experts. Here are a few of the rooms, before and after remodel

kitchen1before culver This is Culver City kitchen before any remodel had taken place. You can see the layout of the kitchen is tight, and the existing color nor materials did it any justice. The design made the kitchen cramped and cut off from the rest of the house.

kitchen 1 culver This is Culver City after a kitchen remodel! What an amazing difference without completely moving the kitchen. We created a larger kitchen by designing a small opening from the kitchen into the rest of the house and went with a two tone cabinet color scheme.

master bathroombefore culver 1 You can tell from these before images that the flooring material was used throughout the entire house, from kitchen and into the bathrooms. This Culver City bathroom went from outdated to...we you can see in the next image what we transformed it into. master bathroom 1 culver Hello beautiful! Now this is a remodel design that is bold and classy. Do not be afraid to use different floor materials in any of your remodel rooms.

living room culver before3 Carpet may be one way to date a home, but it definitely is not child friendly. This living room needed a facelift if any room ever needed one.

living room 3 culver c Removing the carpet, and painting the walls a bold color gave this room a sleek style and focused attention toward the fireplace which was updated with a neutral color stone.

As you can tell from the few pictures we shared, beautiful remodels do not have to take forever and a day. To see the rest of this project and others just as perfect - check out our website.