Wreckless kitchen renovation


Wreckless kitchen remodel plans Failing to plan is just the same as planning to fail. But did you know that you can also plan to fail by planning a kitchen remodel the Wrong way? Sounds crazy to you, but this is too true. There are certain mistakes that you can make in the planning phase of a kitchen remodel that can ruin your entire project. We have seen numerous DIY remodels and been to the rescue for all of them, with that much said we can tell you what mistakes to avoid making. Let us spare you the life lessons of a failed kitchen remodel and go down a list of key elements that will help you on the road to a great remodel.

There is always that excitement when you first start thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Too quick you jump to the material and the color and the small details, you forget the big picture. That big picture is how will this new kitchen fit into your home and compliment the rest of it. Always think about how this new addition or upgrade will look like it was meant to be there all along instead of making it a sight for sore eyes. There should be a smooth transition into the remaining living space and the color scheme should be similar to the rest of the area. Word of advice, don’t go for a red kitchen if your adjoining room is green.

Color isn’t the only detail to think of in the early stages of planning. Some homeowner’s tend to pick the appliances after the design of the kitchen layout, this should be done FIRST! Choosing appropriate appliances ahead of time will help with the design flow and dimensions needed. Also consider if the appliance is one that you really need and will utilize. For instance that professional 8 burner range looks great and you would love to have one, but you probably won’t ever cook that many things at once for house of 2. Opt for practical yet top of the line for the wow factor. Having your appliances picked out in the beginning and the design layout planned will eliminate work flow issues in the kitchen. Your most used appliances are the stove, sink and your fridge – plan for these to stay in range of each other and keep the kitchen as efficient as possible.

Storage or lack thereof can hinder efficiency on a large level. To avoid this kitchen remodel mistake – don’t skimp on storage! Plan for additional drawers and drawer organizers, special pull out shelving and as much custom storage as you can handle. You can never have too many places to store and organize kitchen goods. Try and design a kitchen with extra functions and ample counter space. Hidden appliances make counter space readily available and give your kitchen an elegant look. Attempting to save money by installing cheap flooring and cheap cabinets will do everything except make your kitchen remodel look lavish. This is a major kitchen remodel no-no! Spending a little extra on flooring and quality cabinetry can add more value to your home and last longer. You can image there is nothing worse than going into a million dollar home and seeing hundred dollar cabinets. Opt for custom cabinets and avoid the snafu.

As you have read, poor planning and failing to plan at all will result in a kitchen remodel fail. For more advice and remodeling inspiration follow our blog.