LOS ANGELES Kitchen Remodeling trends

LOS ANGELES Kitchen Remodeling trends

Los Angeles presents some interesting challenges to residential general contractors and home owners.  Los Angeles is unique in its wide assortment of varying architectural styles, each of which necessitates a large swath of expertise from only the most knowledgeable remodeling contractors.  It demands a residential remodeling contractor be a renovation specialist in ranch style, Mediterranean style, mid-century modern, historic ’30s, or craftsman home kitchens to name just a few.  What kind of architecture does your home have, and are you going to be true to that style in your kitchen renovation? Or are you looking to change the entire architecture of your kitchen to match your dream?

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What Every Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Should Know

Any design and build company  who specializes in kitchen spaces should know every aspect of what a kitchen represents to the entire home, the heart of most every home and the place where entertaining begins.  They should be aware of just what makes a kitchen work; that not only is it a necessary room in the house, a practical room in the house, but that it is a reflection of that family’s style.  Form and function have equal consideration.  Have a thorough discussion with any prospective general contractor and see if they grasp how you use your kitchen space, and what you expect from your kitchen remodeling project.

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  • Do you eat out often, or cook every night?
  • How large is your family now, or going to be in the future?
  • Do you have large parties and need a kitchen space to match?
  • Will you change the configuration of the kitchen, or leave it as is?
  • Is your plumbing and electrical up to modern standards of efficiency?
  • Want all new cabinetry, or just refinishing or refacing the old?
  • Are you increasing countertop space, storage space, or both?
  • Do you plan on recreating a vintage kitchen, or will you go modern, rustic, or industrial?
  • Want to knock down walls and have an open concept?
  • Does your kitchen need to be an eat-in style?
  • Have you chosen your preferred materials?  Marble, Granite, Stone, Glass, Mixed Woods, Tile,  Stainless Steel, White Ice, Oil Rubbed Bronze?
  • Did you define a budget, or the parameters of a budget, high and low?

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A Premier Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

Spazio LA provides design, management and construction services that encompass the architectural and engineering planning stages including access to our most trusted network of licensed contractors to build or renovate amazing homes.  Spazio LA will create realistic 3D rendering designs before starting any project so that our clients can visualize their dream home.

We specialize in complete kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling including exterior design.  In addition, we are highly experienced in new construction, room additions and exterior remodeling, including landscape and hardscape.

SPAZIO LA’s vision is simple DREAM + DESIGN + BUILD