Prepare for the arrival of your newborn


Prepare for the arrival of your newborn Planning for the arrival of a new baby is exciting, whereas getting the nursery ready can be nerve wrecking! The list of things you will find online to consider when designing your nursery is endless, but we will help cut the list down to the most vital must-do list. Whether you are designing a whole nursery project of sharing your bedroom with baby, we have the tips for you.

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Here is the breakdown of the essentials to help give you an idea of where to start.

Starting first with the vital piece of furniture that every nursery must have, unless you plan to co-sleep is the Crib. The Crib you may consider only as a temporary item and may not want to invest, but studies show young kids sleep in their crib for up to 3 years and sometimes more. Investing in a crib that is sturdy, up to safety standards and convertible is very important. Choose your Crib based on budget, color and versatility. It may be too early to think of the baby to come after this one, but it does happen as life changes. Position your baby’s crib away from the window, and any other heavy hanging objects.

Oh, yes talking about changing. The next piece to the nursery you will need to consider is the Changing Table. Babies do come with plenty diapers needing changing, and having a designated space for this will ease your job. If you have the space for a changing table many cribs come with matching changing tables, or if you want a more modern look opt for a dresser with changing station for the top of the dresser.

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The last piece of vital furniture for your nursery design is the Nursery Chair. This chair may be close to the most important thing in the baby’s room aside from the crib. Look for a chair with a supportive back and arm rests, this will help for your comfort during late night feedings. The worst thing is when you are rocking baby and she is almost asleep and your arms begin to feel like butter! If you don’t have it in your budget for a new nursery chair opt for a used chair and update with new fabric.


Of course we can’t forget décor! The last piece to your nursery puzzle is décor to make this room feel like a nursery. You will want to choose colors that stimulate baby, but don’t go overboard, an overstimulated baby may not sleep well. Allow as much sun light as you can enter the room and add curtains to control the mood of the room and act as a great décor staple. Remember the nursery doesn’t have to have baby written all over it, you can chose a style or theme to the room that will grow with your little one.

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If you are planning on sharing your room with the new baby due to space or the fact you want baby close to you, you can still create a great space! Designate the wall against the crib as your “nursery wall” use paint or removable decals to make this small space feel spectacular. Hanging a mobile or decorations above the crib can create a fun look. Make sure that anything above or near the crib is safely secured!


For more design and remodel tips check back in for our blog, or contact us for help on your next project.

Make this day the happiest day for your child


Plan a great kid’s bedroom overhaul Planning a room overhaul for your kids is one task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Color, design, uses and so much more thought go into this room. Master bedroom design can be easy, as an adult’s likes don’t change as often as children and most of us are done growing. Therefore a child’s room needs more planning before any final decisions are made.

Before you begin you should make a list off all the possible design elements that should be incorporated.

1. Is this room going to be shared? What are the ages of the children?

2. Will this room be used as a guest room later on? Do you plan to transition a younger child to this room in the years to come?

3. Color pallets? Can you change the style easy with the color you are going for?

4. Size of bed/beds? Do you plan on building custom bunkbeds?

5. Additional design: desk, book shelves, video game area, etc?

6. Child’s likes and dislikes? Special requests or Ideas for design and décor?

Once you have this list figured out you can start thinking about your design and décor plan for this bedroom overhaul.

Study Areas:

Study areas are most successful if they focus the mind by filtering out distractions.  A desk is great up against a wall (or room divider) so that there's somewhere for shelves and maybe a white board.  You can DIY a room divider with bookshelves for a fast way to create a transition from one space into another. If you can create a study alcove so that the desk has a kind of sheltered feeling with its own light source that would be a great place to study.

When you're playing with bedroom layouts don't forget to include a chair with the desk - make sure there's space for it and that it doesn't get in the way of any door swings.

Rearrange the rooms:

Kids' bedroom design space requirements can often rival those of an adult couple, particularly if the kids are sharing.  You can’t create one room for multiple children when you have only so little square feet to work with.

Sometimes it’s worth considering giving your kids the master bedroom. If there’s another bedroom that can accommodate a double bed and there’s a bathroom nearby why not use that? Especially if you could add an extra door to make those rooms more private.  Maybe there’s another small bedroom that you could use for a dressing room.  Combining other small bedrooms and the family bathroom might turn out to be a great master suite!

Playing areas:

Now depending on the age of the child playing can mean very different things.  It might mean Hot wheels or dolls houses.  Getting older it might mean Lego or Miss World. Then at the tween and tween stage there might be hobbies to accommodate.  Whatever the age there's often other children involved be it play dates or more like a social club!

We will leave you with a few extra tips:

1. Plan for a few years ahead.

2. Plan for each of the kids bedroom activities.

3. Use these kids’ bedroom design ideas to create as much space as possible.