What are the advantages of using a DESIGN BUILD company?


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Most people when they want to remodel their entire home or just one specific area such as the Kitchen, or the master bathroom, they call up a general contractor or a home improvement company to get bids.  Little do they know that, in most cases, contractors or home improvement companies have no experience in designing spaces.  They will rely on the client to tell them what to do in terms of finishes and overall look.  This is where it gets tricky for the clients, most people don’t have the vision to successfully create a new space from scratch, let alone tell a contractor what to do.  So things can get out of hand and usually projects will take longer than normal leaving the clients very frustrated at the end of the project.

When people hire a Design Build company like Spazio LA , clients get a full team of experts.  In other words, a Designer in charge of absorbing all your design wishes as well as incorporating functionality within the overall design; a contractor with a full team of professionals to work on the project, and an onsite project manager that will, periodically, inspect the progress of the project.  Design build companies also have a number of highly qualified architects that work in conjunction with the designer in the cases where new additions, structural changes or even new construction building permits are required.

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A designer is a professional with a degree in art and design that has the tools to come up with ideas and put them on paper or computer so that it can be transformed into reality.

What kind of services does a designer provide to my home remodeling project?

For one, you can actually look at your designer as your personal assistant and best friend throughout your remodeling process.  Your personal designer will listen to your ideas, will share inspirational pictures, and will try to put together your perfect space just like you have dreamed it; and in most cases, even better than your dreams.  Your designer will also take you to showrooms to select finish materials such as, tiles, wood floors, fixtures, curtains, and even furniture and art work.  A designer from Spazio LA will also visit the project on a regular basis to make sure his designs are well executed by our builders.  In sum, your designer is the go to person throughout your entire project and is an immeasurable value to the success of your project.

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As licensed general contractors, Spazio LA can build and remodel anything that we set our minds to.  From complete home remodels to room additions, to kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoor spaces such as pools and patios; Spazio LA has done it all. Different from most home improvement companies, that in order to cut on costs, they would bring a crew that will basically start and finish your project.  The same crew that does your demolition will also be doing your plumbing, and your electrical as well as your drywall and tile installation.  This been a normal practice among home improvement companies, at Spazio LA we run the show in a different manner.  Every crew that comes to our client’s projects is specific to their trade.  The demo crew does only demolition and cleaning of all trash and debris.  We only use license electricians and plumbers and our tile installers are exclusively doing that for us.  This guarantees our clients that the project is done right by a trade professional and with the highest of qualities.

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Project Manager:

Why is important to have a project manager at my home remodeling project?

Think of your project manager as your quality control guy, as well as your problem solver.

We all know that no matter how good a construction crew is, there are always surprises along the way.  A project manager is the one that is there to take care of those problems when they arrive.  A project manager makes sure to schedule each crew according to the progress of the project in a seamless way so that there are no intermissions in the job, guaranteeing the early completion of the project.  Our project managers have worked in the construction field for over a decade and are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the construction process.  Between your personal designer and your project manager, you can make sure you can sleep well at night; your house is in great hands.

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Spazio LA, was born with a single great goal in mind “customer satisfaction”.  By providing a full design build service, we are able to get close to our clients in ways that the home remodeling industry has been lacking.  We take pride in our work and are fueled by our client’s satisfaction.