Your Holiday home remodeling Wish List


Your Holiday home remodeling Wish List  

Dear Santa,

This year I have been nice! A few things that I am asking for are:

Luxe Countertops- Marble or Granite may be pretty. I am in need of something fancy to impress all my friends, and last as long as I will. You can even throw in a luxe backsplash if you must.

Floors- I am thinking hardwood or bamboo. Bamboo is eco-friendly and looks great. I would be happy with Wood, Terra Cota, or Marble floors. Something that will give me a rich look and last as long as my countertops. I need a material that is easy to keep clean and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Drawers instead of doors – The kitchen is in need of desperate organization, and I would love drawers instead of doors. This hidden feature makes the kitchen look sleek and the organization factor leaves a decluttered elegance. Extra deep drawers would be great for pots and pans, and all those baking dishes.

Light – I need windows everywhere! Bringing the light from outdoors will limit my electricity usage and make me feel larger. In place of cabinets in the kitchen I would like large windows. More light will allow my rooms to feel larger and more open, giving me the free space I have always wanted.

Pantry wall – Better make it a Pantry room. Since we will be removing cabinets for windows, we will need a pantry built to store all of our goods. A floor to ceiling pantry will be a great addition and organization tool.

Upgraded appliances – I’m talking double oven, 8 burner stove top, high power venting hood and separate full size refrigerator and freezer. These appliances will make life easier and enjoyable for all whom enter the kitchen. I mean, who doesn’t want a professional kitchen?

Curbless, glassless shower and spa soaking tub – No more glass to clean after every shower and the seamless look of a curbless shower has me in awe. Adding a spa soaking tub will not only kick the bathroom up a notch, but add that luxury retreat feel.

Radiant heated floors – I have heard it can be quite chilly on toes stepping out of the shower or bath; I need heated floors in the bathrooms this Holiday to make sure toes stay warm.

Walk in closets – Walk in closets are a must on my Holiday list. Clutter, clothing, shoes and items build up over the years , a deep walk in closet in every bedroom would be delightful.

I hope that I am on the Nice list this year, as my list is rather small. :)


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