Bathroom remodel nightmares that you can avoid


5 Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes and get a dream bathroom like our master spa retreat: la canada master bathroom logo


Building a better bathroom might look easy, but when you are revamping a small space – it only takes a few mistakes to end up with a disaster. Bathroom remodeling is a complex design process with lots of moving parts and ideas floating around.  Just like remodeling any part of your home, bathroom remodeling is no easy task. These 5 common bathroom remodel mistakes are easy to avoid, yet many make. Don’t fall victim to the bathroom remodel fails!

1. Skimped on Skilled Labor! – Books and TV shows make anything look DIY possible. Bathroom remodels are one of the worst first time DIY remodel project you will ever endure. Save yourself the trouble and financial loss, avoid a DIY Bathroom Remodel.  Start by researching local remodel pros and contractors in your area to find the best team for the job. It is easy to hire a company that offers a big time discount, but are they really the best? Remember that you get what you pay for, and good quality work can be expensive. Read the prospective remodel company reviews and ask what their warrantee policy is before signing on the line.

2. Skimped on storage! – This is the worst mistake to make. Why? Because there is never enough storage and if you fail to plan storage you will end up throwing bathroom goods into the hall closet. Use your bathroom space to its fullest potential. Consider niche shower storage spaces for soaps and shampoos. Build custom vertical storage shelving or cabinets to house your towels. Main point, don’t skimp or forget about bathroom storage.

3. Lacking light! – There is nothing worse than a dark and freakishly claustrophobic bathroom. Lacking light or even a view out of the bathroom could put you on the list of bathroom remodel fails.  If you have the opportunity to add a window in the bathroom but are afraid of privacy, opt of  a small horizontal window above the shower or even consider special tint that allows you to see out and not in. If you do not have the luxury of adding a window – play up the light with cool fixtures, light color paint and mirrors to reflect what light you have.

4. Bad location! – Location is more important than you think. I couldn’t imagine having to use bathroom that is attached to the kitchen, let alone when a meal is being cooked. Never locate the bathroom, if you can help it, off the kitchen, living room or any other highly public room. Keep the bathroom located in a place that won’t embarrass anyone for having to do the inevitable.

5. Porcelain throne misplacement! – Last on our 5 common bathroom remodel mistakes is the toilet location. Don’t make the toilet the first thing when you walk into the door! Eye sore! Toilet location and spacing is something important in your bathroom remodel design. Give plenty leg room between the toilet and any close by walls, keep the toilet paper holder within reach as well. If you are a believer in fengshui – the toilet must not face out of the door either.

Now that you know the 5 most common bathroom remodel mistakes – enjoy your remodel project.

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