Is a home addition right for you?


Is a home addition right for you?  


Over time we can out grow our home as family size increase and life brings us changes. The home you loved may just not be big enough anymore. Is a home addition right for you?

With a home addition you can build it to 100% your own creation and needs. This is the one time you can make start from scratch and make an amazing space for your home. Not only is this something to add space and square footage to your home, but it is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new home. An office, garage, family room, laundry room…The options are endless.


Second story additions are also a good way to add space, and make additions possible without taking space from your yard.In this remodel, we not only added a garage but a second story room as well with balcony. Ever thought about an Income property? You could definitely add on an income property to home – increase the value of your home AND supplement your own income. In this case the home owner wanted more space of their own to enjoy, and they were thrilled with the outcome.

An addition is a great way to get that master bathroom and walk-in closet you have always wanted. Take our Calabasas Master Addition and Renovation for instance, we added on more space to give this home owner the perfect bathroom and closet for their master bedroom. The key to a good addition is to make the addition blend with the existing home. A seamless addition is always a focus of Spazio LA.

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Amazing what a quality home addition can do! Contact Spazio LA  today to start your next remodel project.