10 Elements of Spanish style homes


10 Elements of Spanish style homesspanish homes Designing a Spanish style home takes great research and detail when it comes down to design elements. Here are 10 of the most common and needed design elements to take your home from basic to Spanish Hacienda style. 1. Curves and arches –You can look at every Spanish home and notice that stair ways are curves, doorways are arched and there are not many harsh edges. Curves and arches are one of the major design elements of a Spanish style home. 2. White stucco exterior & walls – Traditional Spanish haciendas don a rough textured white stucco exterior. If you see any other color besides white, the palette will be that of a neutral color. 3. Painted tiles – One design element that is not lacking color are the painted tiles that are used in Spanish style homes. Painted tiles line stairs, trim fireplaces and are used in many interior rooms. 4. Terracotta roof tiles - The red clay roof tops give the homes a warm, earthy, rustic look. Often the roof lines are multi-level to create interest and asymmetry. 5. Tower-like chimneys – Most Spanish haciendas include tall, tower-like chimneys that are decorated down to the smallest detail. These tower chimneys can be designed with window openings, molding and even their own matching tile roof. 6. Balconies – A very common feature of Spanish style design are balconies. They are placed in the design to allow you to breathe fresh air within steps from your room. 7. Wrought Iron- Iron work is very traditional and seen in these types of homes. You can notice stair rails, window grilles, details on doors, gates and light fixtures designed from wrought iron. 8. Courtyards & Patios – Spanish style homes are designed around the colors, textures and materials of the earth, so enjoying the earth while on your patio or in your courtyard only make sense. Large courtyards and spacious terracotta tiled patios should be included in your Spanish design. Outdoor fireplaces are a special detail not to leave out when designing your patio or courtyard, this is meant to help you linger outside when the sun has set. 9. Arcades – We are not talking about the video game arcade. An arcade is a row of arches supported by columns. These arcades are commonly seen on Spanish style home’s patio or walkaway, and can include wood beams. 10. Wooden doors – Heavy duty carved wooden doors lead the entry into your home. Wooden doors and gates can also include iron detail to really give it that extra oomph. For more on Spanish Style designs check out our new construction Spanish home.