Salvaged materials make for great home décor

Salvaged materials make for great home décor BHG answers a good question that we all need to hear. Read below and we will show you how to salvage materials and turn them into something new.

Q: How does recycling apply to home construction and renovation?

A: Home building and remodeling involve a lot of materials that can end up in the recycling/reuse stream rather than in a landfill. Most common building materials—wood, plastic, steel, brick, drywall, concrete—can be recycled or reclaimed for future use, so product labels that read "100 percent recyclable" are largely meaningless. The potential is there, but unless there's a mandated or profitable recycling program in place, few builders or homeowners bother taking that step.

If you have a building or remodeling project in the works, ask your contractor or local building official how to recycle old or leftover materials. And where possible, specify new products that feature at least 25 percent post-consumer recycled materials. Some materials, such as composite decking, often contain recycled plastic resins and can be recycled again. The same potential exists for old copper or brass pipe, electrical wiring, and aluminum or vinyl siding.

recycled sink, recycling remodel materials This 1940's era sink was salvaged off Craigslist, and there is more where that came from. You can score great finds at your local swap meet or yard sale. Another man's junk is one man's treasure.

custom made salv wood Photo credit: Save your old wood flooring and out it up on your wall for a natural texture and rustic look. diy coffee table door DIY Rustic Old Door Coffee Table window picture frames Single pane windows become art! They make for great picture frames and much more. my fabulous life cabinets Photo Credit: My Fabulous Life Throwing out your cabinets? Think again - sell them or donate to someone whom may be able to get use out of them.