5 Benefits of Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard


5 Benefits of Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard fire-pit-seat-wall-stamped-concrete-salzano-custom-concrete_74352 A backyard fire pit is something that can offer both many years of enjoyment for your family, and a lovely living space to your yard when entertaining. Enlisting a Los Angeles remodeling company to help you figure out the best placement, materials and style for your backyard fire pit can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. Below are 5 benefits of adding a fire pit to your backyard. Enjoy the Warm Season Longer The combination of warmth and light from a backyard fire pit allows for outdoor enjoyment even when the air is a little chilly. In fact, outdoor gas fire pits produce even more heat than wood burning stoves. Enjoy the patio or yard later into the fall or earlier in the spring by bundling up around the fire and relaxing with family and friends. You may even be able to enjoy the outdoor warmth of this space well into winter, depending on where you live.


Conversation Starter Many of us have great memories of sitting around the fire while camping or at the beach, and telling stories, roasting s’mores and enjoying beverages. A backyard fire pit allows for these memorable experiences at home, serving as a focal point for social gatherings and parties. The ability to relax into the evening in comfort is a natural catalyst for enjoyable conversation.


Increase Your Property’s Market Value Stone outdoor fire pits enhance existing space by adding visual aesthetic to your property, as well as general appeal. They open an outdoor space for year-round use and are a consistently popular outdoor feature among buyers. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t get excited about the idea of their very own backyard fire pit. This is a wonderful way to increase your home’s market value.


Avoid Smoke The normal downfall to a campfire or beach bonfire? Smoke! It irritates eyes, nostrils and can cause health issues in airways. And while many people love the nostalgic scent, it tends to linger in hair, clothing, and other materials. Outdoor fire pits can easily use natural or propane gas, which doesn’t emit the same heavy smoke we’re all used to.


Low Maintenance Natural gas or propane fire pits offer style and heat with very little upkeep. As opposed to wood burning stoves or fire pits, natural gas or propane fire pits do not require you to chop or provide wood. They do not attract insects in the same way wood burning fire pits do, and do not require the same level of constant cleaning around the area. Natural gas fire pits never run out of gas as they rely on an installed gas line; talk to your Los Angeles remodeling contractor about whether your backyard offers an effortless way to install a natural gas line.

If you’re thinking of installing a backyard fire pit, be sure to call on professionals to help you sort out the options. There are plenty of styles to choose from to complement your home’s backyard and allow you to comfortably start enjoying the outdoors a little more.