7 Remodel Must Haves You Shouldn’t Live Without


7 Remodel Must Haves You Shouldn’t Live Without 1. Satin brass.

Say the word Brass and you instantly think of an old musty house with out of date fixtures. Say the word Satin Brass and you think of 2017! Satin Brass is more muted or warm than its brother polished Brass. You can pair any color of the rainbow with Satin or Brushed Brass, and this is one key that interior designers are loving.

2. Voice-activated assistants.

As the world is more driven to the technology side of life, there is a wave of voice-activated assistants to help out in the house. Amazon launched a device that allows you to ask “Alexa” what the weather is or to play a song from Spotify. The devices, placed throughout your home, are always listening in somewhat of a dormant state. Say the activation phrase, and the device fires up and awaits your command. Almost like having your very own personal assistant for a fraction of the cost.

3. Vanity conversions.

 The hunt is over for a premade vanity that fits your budget and space needed. Vanity conversions and upcycles are taking over. Many homeowners are finding vintage dressers or filing cabinets and remaking them into a custom vanity. This in turn saves money, the environment and creates a one of a kind piece that will never be seen in another home.

4. Greenery.

Pantone’s Color of the Year will be a must have color this new year. Use this bright green as an accent or as a focal point, to refresh or reconnect a space in your remodel. See our blog for Greenery tips.

5. Splurging on laundry rooms.

No longer are we seeing washers and dryers stuck in the garage. Machines that work as hard and as much deserve a luxury space to call their own. Home owners are creating elegant and chic laundry rooms in convenient places. Good Bye are the days of dragging laundry half way through the house. Opt for a custom laundry room to make this chore seem more like a hobby.

6. Outdoor-feeling indoor showers.

Outdoor showers give you the feeling of being at one with nature, but in most places around the country this isn’t doable based on the seasons. Interior designers are changing this, and giving you the same feeling as an outdoor shower, inside your bathroom. To achieve this outdoor feeling, showers are being laid out in front of a large window that looks into a private garden or hillside. You can get special tint for your window if this still freaks you out on the privacy scale.

7. Counter-depth fridges.

Designers are leaning toward a more space saving look by utilizing counter depth refrigerators. This means home owners can now enjoy a kitchen without a fridge intruding on walkway space. Not only do these newer counter-depth fridges take less space, they also give your kitchen a more sleek style.