9 Tips to Revamp your bathroom without a Remodel


9 Tips to revamp without a remodel Maybe you don’t have the budget to fix up your guest bathroom, or maybe you are just trying to save that budget – either way you came here because you want ideas to revamp without a remodel. Even without a bathroom remodel, there are still plenty of things you can do to make your bathroom a new sight to see. Here are nine ideas to spruce up that guest bathroom that gets no love.

1. Paint your bathroom a bold color. For the cost of a can of paint, you can take your bathroom from boring to energizing. With a little elbow grease of course. You would be surprised how much a new paint color can really make a difference and create an almost remodeled appearance.

2. Transform your space with textiles. Beautiful towels don't have to cost a lot of money, and displayed prominently, they can really change the look of a space. Add funky towel holders that aren’t the typical ones you see in bathrooms. A boldly patterned shower curtain can also make a big difference!

3. Add an unexpected rug. Try an oriental or fancy rug in the bathroom, because why not? No one said you must to stick with basic bathroom mats. Change it up! Check out DIY river rock mats for the bathroom for a taste of nature in your bathroom.

4. Add some shelves into the empty spaces. Add decorated shelves for extra storage space, and a little architectural interest, too. If you have no extra space for shelves, pick up a wheeled storage cart.

5. Work some wallpaper into your bathroom.  Not cheap, but cheaper than remodeling – wallpaper can really change your bathroom. And if you pick really crazy prints or textured wallpaper, people won't be looking at much else.

6. Add a little art. Nothing transforms a bathroom like a little art or custom decor. Just save your precious pieces for spaces with a little less humidity.

7. Paint the ceiling. Painting the ceiling makes for an unexpected, dramatic look, and draws the eye upward. You can even get ceiling tiles for that antique look!

8. Pick out interesting fixtures in bright colors. Your necessities don’t have to be boring; you can supplement your basic colors for cheerful colors and prints. Try painting your fixtures an unexpected color – for instance mustard yellow!

9. Add a statement mirror.  An interesting mirror is sure to draw the eye — and brighten up the room as well. Without breaking the bank you can find a second hand antique mirror or even try framing your current mirror to save money.