Bathroom décor & design fails and flops

Bathroom décor & design fails and flops Avoid making common mistakes when it comes to decorating and designing your bathroom remodel. Ever walk into a bathroom and gasp at the thought that they paid money for the décor and design? Don’t let other people think the same about your bathroom. We understand that you may not have a large budget, but there are ways to spend little money and make a big impact.


When most bathroom remodel designs are started, the shower and vanity and toilet are talked about and planned for, but don’t forget about planning for storage. Storage should be carefully planned into your design from day one. Where will you store clean towels, your toiletries, toothbrushes, etc.? By planning for your storage you can avoid a décor fail when you need to squeeze an oversized towel cupboard into a small corner once the bathroom remodel is complete. More storage is better than not enough storage. The great thing about remodel companies today is the fact that almost anything can be custom built or built in to your house. Custom vanities and storage compartments can be designed for your remodel needs and taste, and even be hidden or turned into art.

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Let’s get to the point and start talking about color and size. The size of your bathroom should be taken into account when choosing a color. Dark color schemes will make a bathroom harder to see in, which is not good for makeup application or for getting ready, as well as make the room appear smaller. If you have a large bathroom to design and decorate, using dark colors against a pale or neutral color pattern are acceptable. For small bathrooms think of light or pastel colors, and amplify light. You can always add bold décor items later to the space and your style may change, so keep the color simple.

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