Bathroom Remodel: The Shower and Tub Debate

Bathroom Remodel: The Shower and Tub Debate When it comes to a bathroom remodel, many home owners often find they are debating whether or not to add in a shower and tub combo, a simple shower or just a tub. This is a debate that can cause problems in many homes due to differing opinions on the matter. Often times, it is best to leave the decision making up to the experts so that the work is completed and hopefully the home owners enjoy the new space, no matter which was added! Read on to see the pros and cons of each option to help you make the best decision for your bathroom remodel.

Shower/Tub Debate

Depending on your bathroom space, you probably already have a shower/tub combo. For most homes, this is the standard installation provided. For newer homes, some contractors opt to provide a shower only or a bathtub with no shower combo. This is a personal preference for the home owner and is something to consider. For resale value, it is better to have a shower/tub combo as that is what home owners are looking for in general.

However, if you are remodeling your master bathroom, you do have the option to go with a separate shower and no tub. Perhaps you do not take baths or could use the main bathroom as an area for enjoying a soak every now and then. It is also important to consider the size of the space. In larger bathrooms, a standalone shower can be added along with a bathtub, just separately. If the bathroom is small, then a shower may be your only option.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

When remodeling your bathroom, you will need to narrow down your choices by asking yourself a few questions. Think about how your bathroom is to begin with. Do you only have a shower? Could you make room for a tub? Do you like to take baths more than showers or do you want the option to do both? Consult with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor to see what you can do with the space you have. There may be enough room to add in a standalone shower with tile work and a tub in a separate area or you may just need to have a small standing shower and toilet area.

A contractor will be able to look at the space and configure the room so that it will work seamlessly. Ideas that you may have never thought of easily come to mind with a contractor. Take a look at plans provided to see how you can change up your bathroom and once work begins, you will soon have a brand new space to enjoy and relax in for years to come.

When considering a major remodel, always consult with a contractor. You want to work with individuals who have experience in bathroom remodels. Never try to tackle a project on your own or at least without consulting a professional first. You can easily get in over your head and end up spending more money, time and have a headache from the effort needed. Start the project off right by consulting with a professional to have a space you can enjoy and be proud of.