Bathroom Tile Trends you will see everywhere in 2017


Bathroom Tile Trends you will see everywhere in 2017  

These bathroom tile trends you will see everywhere this year! Let us tell you why they are a must in your bathroom remodel.

Patterned Tile

Gone are the days of tile floors blending into the background of a room. In 2017, you'll see the reemergence of patterned tiles, perhaps reflective of this year's renewed focus on artisanship and craftsmanship. This is the year when bathroom floors really steal the show.

In this bathroom remodel we used patterned tile on the floor from The Cement Tile Shop. This bold pattern really gives you a jaw dropping excitement when you walk in.

garage bathroom

Honeycomb Tiles

If 2017 could have a shape, it might just be the honeycomb. Designers are getting geometric with their tiles, with honeycomb (aka hexagon) shapes appearing in tiled flooring and walls. Interior designs are bringing back the good old days with these awesome honeycomb tiles.

In this master bathroom remodel we used a honeycomb tile from floor to wall to create a sleek design.

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Color Patterns

Patterns painted on tiles aren't the only way to excite with tile. Designers are piecing together intricate designs using a variety of colorful, geometric tiles meant to capture the eye upon first glance. This will create a statement wall or draw the eye to the area where you have used such an elaborate design.

In this bathroom from the designer used a variety of patterned and colored tiles to create a space that screams style and boldness.


Long, Narrow Subway Tiles

If the honeycomb tile trend is any proof, this year will be all about atypical tile shapes. Instead of the classic subway tile, this year, long and narrow tile will appear in bathrooms as a sleek alternative. Designers are using this especially in the shower enclosure to design a beautiful bathroom.

We used the narrow subway tiles in this master bathroom remodel to move away from the basic tile shapes and give this bathroom a smooth transition.

culver kids bath

Vertical Tile

When you've tired of horizontal subway tile, the only place to go is — up! Vertical tiles can be staggered for an unexpected, modern aesthetic that can visually expand a room. When installing vertical tile, you have the major advantage to make a room appear larger.

bathroom vertical tile