Beautiful Backyard Retreats: Design your own Pergola

Beautiful Backyard Retreats: Design your own Pergola

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            Just because summer is over, don’t wait until next year to build that great backyard pergola. Due to the simple design and inexpensive nature of a Pergola, this is a great weekend project and good for new DIYers. A great thing about a Pergola is the fact that it can be attached to your home or it can be free standing, so you can put them anywhere you need one.

Kit vs. Build your Own

You can purchase a Pergola kit for around $1000 and I have seen them go up to $5000, the kit will include pre-cut beams, posts and all of your hardware. You can save so much money by doing a little more work and skipping on the kit. On average a DIY Pergola will cost you about half the price of a prefab kit.

The concept is rather easy: 4 posts anchored with concrete, 2 end beams (support beams), stringers, and your cross beams. The size of the posts and beams will depend on the size of the Pergola.

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4 Steps to Build a Pergola

1. Choose your site for your new Pergola, measure and mark the 4 corners where you will be securing the posts. Anchor and cement posts, allow 24 hours for them to set before you continue construction.

2. Attach your support beams. You can get that decorative finish by cutting the ends of the beams to your desired look.

3. Anchor your stringers to span and overhang the support beams.

4. Fit your top cross beams, and cut edges if desired.