Benefits and Beauty: Accordion Walls


Benefits and Beauty: Accordion Walls nana walls

Get more space without knocking down wall, just open up with custom Accordion Walls. Accordion walls are a series of individually operated panels along a track system that are designed for maximum space and flexibility. They can be arranged quickly, easily and efficiently. Accordion doors are suspended from an overhead track and provide instant space division whenever it's needed. To close the opening, just grab the handle on the lead post, walk the door across the opening, and latch into place. The custom walls are designed for the space and come in an array of materials and can be fit to any wall. Glass, frosted glass or wood – these walls can fit any décor style or room purpose, and you don’t have to open the whole wall of panels to use access the space. Most accordion walls have a single panel that can be opened and closed just as a regular door. Accordion walls are not limited to the house; they can be fitted into pool enclosures, garages, sheds and greenhouses. They can be arranged quickly, easily and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about security with these doors as they include a special locking device on each panel that makes breaking in more difficult than other doors.

Homeowners love glass accordion walls in place of old sliding glass doors or French doors to a back yard patio. These custom walls can open up your kitchen to your back yard patio and be a great place to host parties, or open up your living room to your garden to give you a peaceful oasis. Accordion walls are not just a great feature to bring the outdoors into your home, but they can be added between any rooms in your home to add space and personality. A new way to use these accordion walls are between a master bed room and office turned nursery, or to separate your kids’ bedrooms. Accordion walls are custom measured and designed for each space they are desired. Installation takes anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, and can range in price up to $5,000 for the walls alone – depending on the size. You can increase the value of your home and size by having this amazing featured installed.

These walls are a real show stopper too! You can open the accordion walls to create one open floor space and then close them off to separate the space – in a blink of an eye!

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