Counter-Top Appliances you must have in your kitchen


From blenders to espresso machines, these small appliances add big convenience to your kitchen. Trust me when I say, I have tried to live without a few of them and it was not something I recommend. #1 Slow Cooker: This bad boy is a must have in your kitchen, and will never steer you wrong. The best feeling is coming home after a long day at work to dinner being cooked and ready to plate. (Of course you had to put a few things inside it and turn it on before setting it) Our busy Los Angeles lives leave us very little time to eat, unless we plan ahead or grab food on the go. The Slow Cooker is great for stews, one pot meals, and a whole slew of recipes - even bread! Get your hands on the Cuisinart voted best slow cooker of the year.

#2 Blender: Now I know you are thinking of hosting a margarita party in your new kitchen remodel, a blender is a must to accomplish this. The high power machines reduce fruits and veggies into healthy smoothies and crush ice into snow cones.

#3 Stand Mixer: Two words, Stand, Mixer. Once you have one you will never, I repeat never, go back to mixing by hand and whisk again. It's the ultimate machine to have. You can mix your favorite brownie batter, whip up some pizza dough, whisk soft meringue peaks - not to mention you can get attachments like an ice cream maker and ravioli press. Start out with a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and you will not be disappointed.

# 4 Coffee Maker: I know you are all thinking, "why wasn't a coffee maker #1 on this list?" Well that would have been to obvious, and I almost was inclined to make it the last on the list due to the fact that it is almost expected to be #1. Now that we are talking about your start to the day machine, today's coffee makers are not the old pot and coffee grounds your parents grew up with. We are talking a plethora of coffee makers that whip your creamer, froth your mild and brew cafe that has the local coffee shop jealous. We could write a whole blog dedicated to coffee makers if we really wanted to. But, this must have counter-top appliance is a must. I'm not sure a kitchen in america is lacking this appliance.

#5 Toaster Oven: Why do I need a toaster oven when I have a microwave? Because there will be a day when you want something toasted, and not nuked. For instance, left over pizza must be thrown into the toaster oven to avoid that soggy grease soaked crust. Another reason you need a toaster oven is due to the fact that you can cook almost anything in it!


This list covers strictly the must haves, and not the wants! There is a whole other side to appliances and specialty items you want to have. For this and more tips on remodels and decor - check out our blog.