Decorating Your Home for Spring: What Are the Contemporary Trends?


Decorating Your Home for Spring: What Are the Contemporary Trends?  

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If you’ve finished your spring cleaning this year and are ready for some interior revamping, here are some great ideas to consider when it comes to further freshening up your home. Whether you’re going for a total interior overhaul or just seeking to brighten up a space, look no further for this spring’s current trends.


Watercolor Florals

A new take on outdated floral patterns, watercolor florals incorporate fresh spring colors with larger scale designs. Add splashes of color to a room by giving this trend a try with throws, pillows, or new curtains for the windows. Go bold with bright colors, or employ romantic pastels like lavender, slate grey, soft green, and orchid pink for a gentler look and feel.


Indoor Vines

Sometimes a few new plants can breathe life into any room without having to make any other major changes. Climbing vines that naturally weave around shelving or hang becomingly from creative wall planters are surging in popularity this spring. An added benefit? These plants serve to purify indoor air, as well.



Metallic accents, particularly when mixed with glass or ceramics, are showing up everywhere this spring - from plates and glasses to terrariums to bar carts. Copper in particular is a trend that’s going strong throughout the year. If you happen to be undertaking kitchen remodeling this spring, consider copper light fixtures for on-trend glimmer. Lower budget projects can embody this trend too with the DIY use of a little metallic spray paint.


Heated floors

This trend is popping up in spring but will serve you and your family year-round. Surprisingly, heated floors use less energy than other means of heating and are an efficient way to heat up the entire home. Enjoy them as the spring chill fades and again when autumn rolls around. Talk to your Los Angeles remodeling contractor about how to best implement this energy-saving trend in your home.



This classic aesthetic is known for its elegance and durability. Use marble as a lovely countertop material when remodeling your kitchen. Or, use marble print wallpaper to line your walls; a surprising trend that lends itself to a classically soft, clean look in any space.


Navy Blue

This deep hue may not seem like a spring color, but when paired with classic white it offers a fresh look that’s perfect for every season. Consider reupholstering a piece of furniture with navy fabric, or painting a well-lit wall for a modern twist.



From chunky knits to tassels, texture is a spring trend that doesn’t just apply to fashion. Mixing fabrics and textures indoors is a fantastic way to make a room look and feel more inviting and comfortable. Easy ways to implement this trend? Mix pillows of different fabrics when displaying them on your couch, or try draping a chunky knit throw over a smooth leather chair.


Implement all or a just a few of these spring looks to enjoy on-trend home accents, the rest of the year and beyond.