Design your dream Master Bedroom retreat


Design your dream Master Bedroom retreat  

There are so many beautiful master bedroom remodels that we can’t help but envy.  Having a dream master retreat of your own is not an idea to far-fetched.  Making smart design and decorating choices can help you achieve a great master bedroom to enjoy. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the perfect master bedroom; we can give you smart décor tricks that any budget can handle.

Think of these questions to ask before you start designing:

  • Do you want your bedroom to be a private restful sanctuary? Or  multi-functioning space? Besides sleeping, are there other activities you      wish to do like reading, watching TV, working on your computer, talking on the telephone, resting near a warm fireplace or exercising? Do you need a nursery within this space? – Considering what you want the room to be able to do will help you decide how to design it. A great place for a reading nook is near a large window where ample light is available. A fireplace is one way to add glamour and romance to the master suite. Go with an electric or wall mounted fireplace if you can’t find it in your budget for  a full fireplace to be installed. Tip: add a faux fireplace with an array of candles rather than logs!


  • What kind of lighting will you need to perform daily tasks like dressing, make-up or reading? Do you want to be able to control the brightness or prefer simple on and off functions?- Having overhead lighting is a must, but the option of tableside lamps is perfect for those who like to read in bed or want to dim the lights before getting shut eye. If there is not enough natural light in your room use sheer curtains to play up as much light as you can. Also positioning mirrors to reflect light can give you a larger brighter room.


  • Is your storage and closet space large enough for your clothing? Do you need extra space for makeup or accessories?  – If you have the luxury designing a closet, you can never go wrong with His and Her’s closets. Having enough storage and separate closest can increase function and help hinder arguments over space. Keep in mind that contractors do have the capability to design you or your lady the perfect vanity built custom into your master retreat! What women wouldn’t love having a personal make-up vanity?


  • Do you want to have extra seating for relaxing and reading? Your own designated space to be a book work? – A popular trend these days is      having a comfy chair near a fireplace and bookcase to create your own reading sanctuary. You can design your room to have a sectioned off area for reading or you can create a divider with a bookcase or room screen. Why not even throw custom accordion walls by Nana Walls into your space to divide it when you want and connect it when you want the open space?

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  • What kind of color scheme will you need to achieve your own level of comfort and relaxation? Do you want bold and bright or calm and      peaceful? – Choosing a bright color scheme may cause problems relaxing at  night, think of soothing tones that will create a peaceful look. If you have a large room to decorate art work and hanging pictures is a great idea. Extra Large art work is great for a large wall! It makes the room elegant and creates a show piece.  If you can’t fit a large piece of art into your budget you can achieve a bold look by hanging multiple, uniform sized picture frames that have simple artwork up on that wall. Soft fabrics and faux fur throws and rugs can instantly create a restful retreat. Don’t shy away from mismatched nightstands, having two different nightstands can give partners their own      bedside style. You don’t always have to match everything.


If you are tight on budget – update your bedding set. It’s a great way to change the feel of any room and give your room new life.