DIY Fireplace 2016 Update


Brick Fireplace DIY Updates

            Don’t let that old brick fireplace be an eye sore anymore! Update your fireplace today with ideas that require little money and even less stress. 3 easy DIY updates to turn that old fireplace into a new accent to your space!

builtin book case fireplace

1. Built-ins: A great way to update an old brick fireplace is to utilize the space around it and create built-ins. Built-ins around a fireplace add storage and give a big design idea to look at. Once you have your shelves built-in adding a fresh coat of paint to your shelves and fireplace will give it a seamless look. For faux built-ins you can measure the space on either side of your fireplace and find book cases to fit those dimensions, and then add moulding around the top & bottom of the cases to have a custom built-in look.


Though making your own Custom built-ins are easier to achieve than you may think. With some general patience and building skills you can create your very own updated fireplace. I love this blog that includes easy steps and even a list of materials to make this build even easier:

painted fireplace

2. Paint: If you can’t see yourself building built-ins around your fireplace and want something less time consuming to update your old brick fireplace with, let’s start with a fresh coat of paint. Painting your fireplace can take less than a few hours and cost under $50.

For this update you will need:

-          Wire brush

-          Drip cloth

-          Painters tape

-          50/50 water and vinegar mixture in spray bottle

-          Paint brush and paint color of your choice.

Before you start this project lay your drip cloth below the fireplace to protect the floor! To prepare the surface you will use the wire brush to scrub off any debris and the vinegar mixture will be your cleaning agent. After you have scrubbed the brick and cleaned it, allow ample drying time so the pain will adhere to the brick. Now you can tape off the areas you don’t want to paint. Brick is a very pourus surface, you will need more than once coat of paint to ensure there are not pin holes all over the brick. Now that you have painted your fireplace you can enjoy the fresh look it gave your room!


3. Moulding: An easy way to update an old fireplace that doesn’t need much work is to add moulding around the fireplace. Adding moulding can be done fast and easy.

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