Get in shape with your very own Workout Oasis

Get in shape with your very own Workout Oasis


Adding on a home gym can add resale value to your home in much the same way as adding any other addition would.  Just as finishing an attic space or adding on a laundry room would increase the resale value of your home a Home Gym will as well. If this is the year that you vow to get in shape, but hate the packed group classes or the high membership fees, it’s the year to build your own workout oasis. It’s going to be just you and that treadmill to compete with.

If you are going to add value to your home with this addition, you will want to put more effort into this rather than transforming your garage into a sweat shop. Home buyers will pay top dollar for quality, and this means additions done the right way. Now Remember: Anything bolted down, such as exercise equipment becomes part of the home and would be included in the sale of the house unless removed before selling or including a clause in your sale agreement.

You will want a space at least 150sq ft., the bigger the better though in this case. If you can build this gym as an addition you will have more freedom to make space for equipment that you want. If you are repurposing a room you will have to make do with the existing square footage and possibly have to give up on an important workout machine. Not only will you be sacrificing space, you will need to increase ventilation in your home gym.

Gym Essentials:

1. Dumbbells

2. Kettlebell

3. Pull Up Bar

4. Rings

5. Jump Rope

6. Medicine Ball

7. Plyo-Box

8. Barbell

9. Weight Plates

10. Stereo System


Number 10 on the list is number 1 for me. Having a great stereo system and a few t.v’s is important, this way you can catch up on the news or listen to motivational tunes while working off those calories.

Tip: Rubber mats and barriers to protect your floor are good investments you will want to make with this home gym. You don’t want a dumbbell dropping through your wood floor.

Laminate or wood flooring is ok for your home gym addition if you plan only for light workouts and no heavy machines or equipment. If you are planning for more strenuous workouts and heavy duty machines you should aim for Rubber Floor Tiles or a Rubber Mat. You can purchase most gym flooring material and equipment online. Prices can vary for different machines and weights, check your local listings and reviews before you make a large investment.

When doing any home addition or remodel, having a good Remodeling Frim on your side is imperative to save you money and do the job right. Contact Spazio LA if you are thinking of adding or changing your home. We would love to help build your dreams!

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