Guest bathroom remodeling decoded

Guest bathroom remodeling decoded When designing a guest bathroom you should think of comfort over style, or is it style over comfort? How about you get both with a custom bathroom design! Don't lose out on a great looking bathroom for the fact of comfort, get both all in one space.

How to achieve a great guest bathroom?

1. Style and Paint color:  Think of the style you are trying to achieve before you set your heart on a paint color. Is this bathroom going to be styled after the Zen theme, modern, contemporary, spa like,  or are you completely lost? Get a feel for the style you want to create with this space, try getting your favorite bathroom pictures and inspiration together and pinning down what you like and don't like.

2. Layout/Design: Do you want or have space for a full tub and shower? Double vanity?  You will need to carefully consider your budget and what you are wishing to do with this guest bathroom. If you have a view from the bathroom you will want to postion the bath in front of this to make for a peaceful bath experience. Proper ventilation is very important, heat and moisture can lead to mildew and mold growth. The trick is to blend a bathroom design that appeals to you with the needs of future guests. "Make it as big and as roomy as you can," says Kristen Zwick, designer with Kitchens by Teipen in Greenwood, Ind.

3. Lighting: You may opt for a glorious  crystal chandelier for the master bathroom, but your budget may only allow for certain lighting. If you are on a tight budget, don't over look bargain or second hand lighting fixtures. Mirrors can add reflect lighting in a darker space and add the illusion of more room.

4. Storage: A small linen closet stocked with extra necessities like towels and tissue, a drawer or two where guests can stash their personal items, a few hooks to provide a handy spot for hanging clothes and towels, and a hamper for used linens can make guests feel at home.

5. Accessories: After construction wraps up, dress up a basic bath is with accessories. Splurge on thick, soft towels and hang a cozy bathrobe on a hook. Provide an assortment of French-milled soaps, a fragrant candle and a carafe of water with a glass for a welcoming touch.

6. Materials: No matter if you are going with Eco friendly or not, materials of choice matter.  You will need to find materials that are durable, moisture resistant and safe for the bathroom. We have talked about carpet in the bathroom before and this is still a no no.