Guide to Remodeling: Do’s & Don’ts

Guide to Remodeling: Do’s & Don’ts  

You don’t ever want to start a project without being fully prepared, and remodels are one of those projects that take ample preparation. Remodeling can end up being a major disaster if you aren’t ready to take on the size of the project. There a few things to take into consideration before you start home improvements.

When planning for a remodel it is recommended to plan your BUDGET wisely. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin and end up with an unfinished room because you spent your budget faster than expected. Budgeting gets tricky, you can spend too much on a remodel if you aren’t careful only to lose money and you can spend too little on poor quality work to lose money.

One thing homeowner’s do forget when planning budgets for remodels are the Resale Values. Resale Value means the amount your home will be worth if it went on the market. It would be a nightmare to put a $100,000 into a remodel hoping to increase the value of your home, when homes in your neighborhood aren’t valued at the price you would need to sell to make that money back in to break even. Even if you aren’t planning on selling in the near future, always have that fact in the back of your head when remodeling your home. Now the down side to being frugal, spending your budget on the “cheap” option. Cheaper is not always better. Quality is important when investing in a remodel. You want to have a remodel that improves your home and lasts a lifetime. For instance, don’t go with the first choice in flooring for cost- laminate for your kitchen may be more cost effective but it could hurt your remodel if you are putting stainless steel appliances and marble countertops in.

Weighing different flooring options, appliances, and paint colors takes time and Research. Consider making a Pinterest or Houzz account to gather ideas and research your choices. What do you want the main function of the room to be? What do you see for your remodel? Make sure you write a list of questions to ask yourself and ideas to compare before you begin your remodel project. It is very important to maximize space if you aren’t adding more square footage, think of ideas for areas that you really don’t use and see if you can have built-ins custom designed. If you are looking for contractors or architects to help, don’t be afraid to research them as well and ask for references.

Hiring a professional company is always smart on any scale remodel. Professional companies can help with all of the above and ensure you are making educated decisions that will benefit in the long run. You can bet you will get a schedule and budget break down before you sign any contracts. Designers and architects can assist you in building your dream home, and may even bring ideas to the table that you never thought of.

So before you jump into your next remodel, make a plan and do it right the first time.