How to Make Your Small Bathroom Stand Out


How to make your small bathroom stand out The one most common misconception that home owners have when remodeling a small space, is that the space will not look as good as it would if it were a lot larger. Having the right design team, such as Spazio LA, on your side can be key to making the most out of all of your square footage available.

When you are limited on space, it is even more important to make your remodel stand out.

Designing a small bathroom can be tricky, but a gorgeous remodel is not out of the question. Using our most recent bathroom as an example, we will take you through tricks and tips on how you can make your small bathroom stand out.

We were given the task to design a space that could be used as a guest house or media room, using a standard garage. The client wanted, a media/living space, bar, sleeping area AND a bathroom. We are talking jam packing all of these things usually found in a full size house, into a garage. After careful design, we were able to give them all of these items on the wish list and create one heck of a bathroom. This bathroom remodel alone gained over 1 million likes, views and comments on

Let’s jump into some tricks in creating your very own beautiful, small bathroom.

Add a bold vanity to make your bathroom remodel stand out

Here we used a vanity from Signature Hardware to act as a statement piece in the bathroom.

vanity 12th garage conver (1)


Pro Tip: Choose your flooring wisely. The flooring can make or break your small bathroom remodel. In the pictured bathroom remodel we went with a cement tile from Cement Tile Shop, in a very bold pattern.

vanity 12th garage conver (2)

When dealing with limited space for a bathroom remodel, designing a custom shower may be the way to go. This shower was designed with a custom frame-less door and infinity drain. We kept the space flowing by using the same tile throughout the whole room. Using two different flooring materials or colors can break up a space and make you feel closed off.

vanity 12th garage conver (3)


The old school medicine cabinet and mirror is not the way to go when you want a small bathroom to pop. Look for a mirror that is unique and light fixtures outside of the norm.

Small bathrooms do not have to be boring or the least loved space in the house. For more ideas and the complete garage conversion remodel visit our page on Houzz.