Important Kitchen Remodelling Guidelines on Electrical and Ventilation Components


Out of all the rooms in your home, there is one that is always going to cost you the most in the event that you have it rebuilt, redesigned, or remodeled – the kitchen. Aside from being the most expensive, you can also expect your kitchen remodeling project to be the most challenging of all the home improvement projects you have ever launched. After all, this is the heart of your home and a lot of time is spent here. abargo kitchen bar

Before you back out of your decision to improve this room in your house, you should know that, a properly and impressively remodeled kitchen can bring in so many benefits. Since it is where almost everything happens – from preparing food to having family talks -   making this area comfortable, attractive, and functional is a wise decision.

You need to understand though, that remodeling your kitchen involves more than just picking out pretty furnishings, beautiful finishes, and innovative gadgetry. You also need to make smart decisions in the overall design and décor to ensure that the overall safety, security, and accessibility of the room are also enhanced. Read on to find out how to achieve these goals.


Electrical Components and Ventilation Systems

Make sure that all of the receptacles that service your countertop areas are protected by ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). There should also be, at the very least, one one wall-switch controlled light in it. Have this control built at or near the entrance, for easy access. It is also advisable that your kitchen is made of at least 8 percent windows. Lights should be available on every work surface in the room too.

Never underestimate the value of a top notch outdoor-venting system. Go for one that has a minimum of 150 cu. ft. of air/minute exhaust rate. Range hoods are now considered to be a must in kitchens as well. These should be placed at least 2 feet above your stove. If the manufacturer has specific instructions for this device, follow them.

Potential Kitchen Safety Concerns

It is crucial that you understand the dangers that can arise from the kitchen. These hazards are not only harmful in nature; they can also be sometimes life-threatening. There is always going to be a possibility of fires, falls, cuts, and scalds happening, so it is a must that you protect yourself and your loved ones from these risks. Here are a few tips on how you can avoid such unfortunate events:

  1. Have a fire extinguisher easily accessible and placed in a visible area. Keep it away from the cooking equipment. Everyone in the household should be knowledgeable on how to operate it.


  1. Never have a cooking surface right below a functional window, as this could potentially block your fire exit.


  1. To prevent hazards, Do not install window treatments above the oven or a the stove top.


  1. Make sure that the countertops you are going to install have rounded or clipped edges, which are far safer than those with sharp edges. Keep a First Aid Kit in the kitchen to respond quickly to injuries.


  1. Use childproofing devices and accessories in all areas of the kitchen that can be accessed by small and young children. Childproofing kits can be purchased from large retailers world wide.

Being able to complete a kitchen remodeling project can be a very rewarding experience, so make sure that you keep in mind the tips discussed above.