Inexpensive, Unique and totally DIYable Backsplash

Inexpensive, Unique and totally DIYable Backsplash Who said your backsplash has to be expensive and boring? Get that idea out of your head and let your creative DIY side come to shine with these Kitchen Backsplash ideas. You can spend $1000 on your backsplash or you can spend as little as $60. The choice is yours, but be sure not to choose until you have read this article.

$60 Penny Backsplash: The texture, color and shine of the pennies create a visually interesting backsplash for your kitchen. Use the pennies in random combinations or create designs within the backsplash featuring different shades or sides of the pennies. You can achieve the look you want and save money by completing this project yourself over a weekend. You can achieve this look with Pennies, Clear Mosaic Mounting Sheets, Waterproof Tile Mastic, Waterproof Tile Grout and Sealant. This look takes patience, but is well worth it in the end. Check out this DIY Blog for Step by Step detailed instructions.

penny backsplash

Cork Backsplash: Well, if you are a wine lover you may have these piled up. However if you don’t happen to love wine you can purchase Cork off of Amazon for around $15 per 100 corks. For this DIY cork backsplash the corks were sawn in half and cemented to a backboard. Check out this amazing cork backsplash that used 800 corks, which means 1600 cork halves.

cork backsplash

Stone Backsplash: Home Depot and Lowes carry Peel and Stick Faux stone backsplash panels. Peel and stick panels are great for those who do not want to attempt grout and grout sealant. Measure your surface area before you attempt to start sticking away, you will need to pre-cut before starting. Local home improvement stores do carry panels of tile or stone that need to be grouted, take a close look at the label before you go home with the wrong stuff.

DIY-Cheap-Kitchen-Backsplash-Ideas24 home decor zielFlashing Backsplash: A very easy backsplash project that will cost you under $60, Aluminum Flashing. You can find Aluminum Flashing at almost every hardware store in an array of widths and finishes. Since the flashing is so thin and light weight you can directly adhere the flashing to the existing backsplash or wall and cut to size with a box cutter. Use an aluminum molding to tuck your edges in for a clean finishing edge. This project is fast, simple and budget friendly. Check out this transformation.

flashing backsplash

You don’t have to break the bank to get a great backsplash, just some creativity and time. Good luck to your future DIY kitchen backsplash.