Jetson Kitchens of the Future and Today


Jetson Kitchens of the Future and Today When someone mentions the kitchen of the future, what do you think of? Talking appliances that respond to voice commands? Islands that, with a push of a button, transform into a dining room table with a fully cooked meal on it? Robotic chefs that yell catch phrases and clean your kitchen at the end of every meal? Unfortunately — or perhaps fortunately — those sort of Jetson-like capabilities aren't available (yet). But technology does have a large role in the kitchen of today. As our lifestyles have changed, and the function of the kitchen has changed, technology has advanced to meet our needs.

The kitchen is no longer a room strictly for preparing food. As homework, bill-paying, laundry, casual entertaining and other non-cooking activities have migrated to the kitchen, it has grown in size, and some modern floor plans make the kitchen the home's central location. Entertainment and information systems help motivate other family members to actually come into the kitchen, sit down, and eat a meal. Having a computer in the kitchen can help as well, especially if you need to look up recipes, pay some of the bills that have piled up on the counter or watch your e-mail for an important message.

Some models of fridges even come with a built in Tablet or touch screen to let you record or write messages for later, and even inventory the goods in the fridge to make like easy when it gets busy.

For those with busy schedules, appliance technology is helping to cook food faster, cook food remotely, and remind you when food needs to be replaced.  For Instance, LG’s new Smart Fridge can be controlled through an LCD touchscreen, by voice commands or even remotely from your smartphone. This new refrigerator can do everything from helping you with your diet to telling you when things are past their expiration date. This new smart refrigerator has an impressive air filtration system, which is used to keep food fresher for longer. It is able to monitor internal conditions and can adjust temperature and air flow to maintain even temperatures. This allows it to avoid cold and warm spots, which are frequently found in standard refrigerators. It also has three unique power saving functions, which can be adjusted by the user and modify power consumption on everything from the temperature maintenance to the brightness of the LCD screen.

And for those that have hobbies that lead them into the kitchen, technology is allowing them to be even more passionate about what they love. Of course, one day when your robotic chef is cooking all your meals, you might completely forget what it was like to ever do any sort of work in the kitchen. But until then, here are some products that can make your kitchen more entertaining, informative and efficient like the TIMO.


The TIMO Connect LO intelligence oven might be the first oven that takes cell phone calls. It uses remote connectivity based on NASA space technology that allows you to operate it using the Internet or even your cell phone. Whichever browser you use, you can view the oven's controls and settings in real time. There is also built-in refrigeration to ensure your food stays fresh until you give the Connect Io cooking