Make sure you prepare to survive your home remodel


Survive a total house remodel  

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed just contemplating renovating your entire house, but we can help. Spazio LA has compiled the top tips from remodel clients and contractors to help eliminate stressful remodels. Just think of how happy you will be to enjoy your home once the project is completed. Please let us know if you have any great tips or advice to add for future remodels.

1. Set a schedule - Have days and times outlined for remodel work. This will allow time for you to get a break from the noise and crew, if you plan on staying in your home for the build. Generally remodels are done in Phases for each stage of the remodel. Phases and timelines help you prepare for which areas of your home you will need to avoid for that time period. For example, have one area off limits to work can be your sanctuary during the chaos.

Fun Tip: Make it an adventure and eat out at restaurants you haven’t ventured to in the past. You can also order take out and have a romantic candle lit meal at home.

2. Power, Water and Gas Shut offs- You can expect that at some point in your remodel a valuable element will be temporarily shut off to allow for safe construction. Plan your schedule around these shut offs so you aren’t stuck in a jam. For instance make sure you have used the shower and have used the water needed before your crew arrives for the day of water shut off. Crews should give you an advance notice, but always ask if you aren’t sure.

3. Store valuables elsewhere- It is always good idea before a remodel to store anything of value or that cannot be easily replaced. Accidents do happen, but no one ever wants to accidentally break a family heirloom or valuable. If it cannot be stored or moved to another room make sure you cover items and furniture. Your home is turning into a construction zone and dust is to be expected.

4. Park off site- The worst thing would be having to wait for a truck to move because you are late for work and blocked in. Clients of remodels have found it easier to park off site during construction hours to avoid any issue or delay. You don’t have to park a mile away, but steering clear of your drive way may make it easier for deliveries and trash clean up.

Fun Tip: Make sure you say hello to neighbors if you are parking off site. A remodel client had a police officer called on him for parking a “suspicious” car by a neighbor’s house that didn’t see the owner of the car.

5. Expect surprises- Delays and setbacks can be part of the deal with remodels. Everything is planned in advance but sometimes there are timeline breakers, for instance if an appliance or counter top delivery is off schedule. Be as patient as possible, no one wants your home remodel to last longer than

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