Make sure your home’s entrance is a grand one


Make sure your home’s entrance is a grand one When it comes to your home, it makes sense that you want to be proud of the look and feel that it gives off to your visitors. The aesthetic appearance can be very important, showing the world just how stylish you are and how much you care about your home.

This is why the entrance to the home is so important. You want to entice people to come inside your home and give the world a little taste as to what to expect from the interior as well as who you are! Curb appeal is a feature that you must focus on.

Your entrance, while being bold, should work in harmony with the interior of your home as well.

In order to get this balance right, you need to know just how to create an enchanting entrance. You won't believe how each of these examples uses a front garden, front door or decor to create an incredibly eye-catching design.

Let us take a look at these 6 design ideas to make your home’s entrance a grand one.

1. Garden Entrance

The front of your home can be as lush as you want or you can create a garden based off water saving plants. The garden entrance is a great way to show off your green thumb and add to your curb appeal.

valley glen exterior

spanish exterior los angeles

2. Courtyard

The front courtyard is a growing trend that offers seating for your guests and a very welcoming feel to your home's entrance.

front courtyard

3. Dense Hedges or Eclectic Plants

Using dense hedges or eclectic plants will help create a unique front entrance as well as give you some privacy.

sherman oaks exterior

4. Wooden Door

Going out of your way to design or pick out a custom wooden door adds tremendous amounts of character to your home's entrance. This will give you the upper hand on curb appeal since you have a shop stopping door.

door exterior spazio

5. Steel Gate

As shown in this design by Interiors by Studio M, the use of a steel gate and plants create privacy as well as a very contemporary feel.

interiorsbystudiom gate

6. Custom Patio

The front of your home doesn't have to lack character, you can add a custom designed patio to make use of space and create a welcoming feeling for your home's entrance.

patio patio mock up patio mock up 2


From gardens to gates and wooden doors, the ideas for adding a grand entrance to your home are endless. For design ideas and help creating your home's grand entrance, contact us today.