Marble Looking Flooring for Less


Marble Looking Flooring for Less Are you in love with marble flooring? Are you able to afford the chunk of change it is going to cost you? Not everyone can spend an unlimited budget on flooring for their remodel, in a perfect world we all could – but in reality sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I know, I know, adulting can be a drag. But…Lucky for us in current times, we have so many options and alternatives to get that same look for less.

For those of you who picture their home with marble flooring throughout, and just don’t have the remodel budget for it – there is hope!


We have come across many inquiring calls and emails raving about the Carrera Marble they see in a lot of our kitchen and bathroom remodels. It’s no wonder why, Carrera Marble is one of the most sought after marbles for Los Angeles remodels. Those calls and emails not only rave, but a lot of them ask us what can they do to get the Marble looking flooring for less. So here we will spill everything we know about how you can achieve the look of marble in your remodel, without actually paying for marble.


The number one remodel trick we have found to get the marble flooring look for less is with the use of porcelain or ceramic tiles that resemble marble. They have many different patterns and colors, shapes and sizes – they even come glossy to perfectly fake out marble fans. No one will know that it isn’t marble, unless of course you tell them! When installed correctly the flooring will mock that of a real marble floor and make your remodel look elegant and grand.

faux marble tiles

For those of you sitting there thinking to yourself that even ceramic tile is out of your budget or your home just needs a DIY pick me up until you can budget for a Los Angeles remodel company to take over, there is another option.

Peel and Stick Faux Carrera Marble tiles are available at the local hardware store. This is not the best alternative to the marble flooring you dream of, but it works for the time being.  Peel and Stick tile is great way to fix up a rental or income property without spending an arm and a leg. There is even a a brand of Peel and Stick tiles that can be grouted, which gives the look of a real floor versus old school vinyl. Stay tuned for our Blog on Rental Property Remodel for under $1000.

marble faux

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