Remodel the ceiling? Yes - the ceiling.


Remodel the ceiling?  

One detail we can sometimes look past is remodeling the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling. And we don’t mean just scraping off that old acoustic, popcorn ceiling. We mean giving your ceiling a bold look.

Remodeling a ceiling gives you an opportunity to fix some basic design flaws as well as create a new look. Any room with a high, formal ceiling can feel homey when topped with a warm or dark color. Lighter ceiling shades make a space feel larger, as do patterns or colors similar to those on walls. Keep things proportioned to each room, save the large designs for the large rooms and vice versa.

ceiling remodel


Mouldings are a great way to glam up a room in an instant. Whether it is crown moulding, or for a fancy look try a medallion moulding. Moulding can cost you from $100 for a medallion and upward.

Photo: Small Notebook

*Ceiling tiles:

There are a variety of materials ceiling tiles are made out of these days. You can find them in tin, paper or heavy grade Styrofoam. They can be painted to any color scheme for that room or left plain. This is a great way to add a finished look to the above ceiling.

*Wood Flooring

Wood flooring, yes I mean wood flooring. You can install flooring to your ceiling just how you would install the flooring on the floor. It looks beautiful and is a great way if you have left over pieces from a project.


*Wall paper

Patterned or textured wall paper can create a luxurious statement for your ceiling renovation.

this old house painted ceiling

Photo: This Old House


We can’t forget good ole paint. If you are looking for a quick way to remodel your ceiling or don’t have a large budget, give your ceiling a fresh coat of a new color.

Remember that the possibilities are endless, and you can be creative here to create a one of a kind look for your home.

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