The Los Angeles home design trend you need to know about

The Los Angeles home design trend you need to know about  

Los Angeles is known for the glitz and glam, and in recent news the city is taking the same route when it comes to home design. Los Angeles home remodel companies are seeing more bold and innovative designs.

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Bold and Innovative

Mixing materials and colors is a bold way to leave your mark on your home design and cater to your personal style. Some of the hottest looks today, such as the blending of unfinished industrial materials with modern floors and cabinets, would have been considered outlandish only a few years ago. We have learned over the years that matching everything precisely is not the way to go, not all the time at least.

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Utility Meets Swag

We want things to be functional and make sense in our own homes, this is yet the biggest challenge Los Angeles remodel and interior design firms are faced with. Parents understand this, they want a home to work and look good – but be safe and kid friendly at the same time. Opting for materials that are durable and adding in those that are more for sparkle can create a space that never lacks taste. Design is evolving as life changes take place; therefore our designs are becoming stylish AND functional for your everyday life.

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Built In Comfort

Another home design trend that is buzzing in Los Angeles is Built-Ins! This does not mean add some built in book cases around your TV in your living room remodel and call it a day. This means that wine cooler you have been dreaming about or that espresso machine will be custom built into your remodel. They will now be designed into the remodel and even save space. This is great news for those who lack space or just want more for their LA remodel.


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