The truth about your small kitchen remodel


kitchen remodel, remodel los angeles, galley kitchen, kitchen revamp, 1940's style kitchen, kitchen update The truth about a small kitchen is that it will not be the jack of all trades. You will have to give up the idea of doing homework here, paying bills here, and recipe searching in your small kitchen. The design goal for your small kitchen must be to achieve an effective small kitchen, not multipurpose space. There is nothing wrong with a kitchen that is just that, a kitchen. The design factor is a lot tougher already when you have to fit a functioning kitchen into a small space, but small changes can make it even better than a large kitchen.  When designing a small kitchen think of: size, color, light and function.

So focus first on function, making sure you have the appliances and work areas you need. You may be able to save a bit of space by using scaled-down or innovative appliances, including refrigerator and freezer drawers and pint-sized microwaves, stoves (some with just two burners) and single sinks. The function is there, without all the square footage! If workspace is at a premium, consider a small-scale island or a counter-topped cart that can be rolled away into a closet when not in use. Now just because you need to really hone in on function of your small kitchen does not mean you have to lose any space to style. The color of walls, appliances, and counter tops, bar stools, and backsplash can change the mood of your pint sized kitchen. Going with more pale colors can help with light, but don’t be afraid to go bold and add color and mix your patterns. Using the same color and style of fixtures and cabinet knobs can unify a design when you are using different textures and patterns in your small kitchen.

Tiny kitchens can feel claustrophobic if there are upper cabinets towering over you in such a small space. Most of the time cooks can’t even reach those upper cabinets anyways, and in a small kitchen there isn’t much room for a stool or ladder. Skip the excessive cabinets and opt for a more spacious approach with open shelves. You can also use magnetic knife strips, pot racks and give your kitchen a designer way to show off your favorite dish sets and even artwork. And like any other room, your small kitchen needs great lighting that you can use for cooking and for atmosphere. Fluorescent lighting, which casts a bluish light impacting the colorization of objects in the room, including the food, is frequently found in kitchens. To counteract it, consider hanging pendant lights that bathe your eating area in a more appetizing color. Tip: Try using glass doors from the kitchen into the next room or to the outside, this will increase light in the kitchen and also give the illusion of more space.

Don’t let small spaces give you design block. No matter a small galley kitchen or small apartment kitchen – you can make your design amazing if you trim the fat and keep your design neat.