The truth behind the valuable upgrade: Flooring

The truth behind the valuable upgrade: Flooring Los Angeles remodels can be found in all sizes and vary from different budgets, though one thing we don’t see anyone skimping on anymore is flooring. Hardwood flooring is especially popular in Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods. Why is this trend seen so frequently? Whitney Coy of tells us, “Home buyers are willing to spend top dollar for homes with hardwood floors.” Thus we have bigger budgets for flooring than ever before in remodeling.


Hardwood flooring not only boosts the value of your home, but there are many benefits that come along with the flooring. You can enjoy hardwood flooring even if you are not looking to sell. This amazing flooring can be added to any room – though does better in rooms with low moisture content.

What we love about hardwood flooring:

-the value that it adds to the home.

- can be used in any room, adding or changing a throw rug can make for an easy style change if you get bored.

- lowers allergens in your home, easy to clean with the use of a broom or hardwood flooring vacuum.

- the endless colors, patterns and hues is a major plus when thinking of hardwood flooring.

- these puppies can last a lifetime if cared for the right way!


For every pro, we all know there can be a con. Let’s get into why you may not like hardwood flooring as much as we do. We already mentioned how these floors are not as inexpensive as carpet – but you need to know that these floors last a heck of a lot longer than carpet. The budget for hardwood flooring can run you anywhere from $9 per square foot, and could top nearly $15 per square foot. Thus being said you will need to plan and prepare your budget for this type of remodel and install. Luckily one of the next complaints on the hardwood flooring con list doesn’t really affect us in California as much as other places. Hardwood flooring can be a little cold on your bare feet during the winter months. Did you know that they do make headed flooring systems? This could solve the problem of cold toes if this con really bothers you that much. In floor heated systems take the rigid cold feeling from your feet and actually can reduce home heating bills overall. One other main con that we have found is the noise factor. This is one of the flooring materials that can amplify noise, whereas others can reduce sound waves in your home. Older floors will tend to creak as well. No sneaking up on anyone when you live in a home with hardwood floors!

gray hardwood floors

Now you have it, the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly. You decide if hardwood floors are for you and your remodel.