The WORST remodeling advice EVER

The WORST remodeling advice EVER Every great remodel started with a great plan, and if you don’t have one you are asking for disaster! If you want to fail at your remodel, we can give the best advice to lose money, waste time and get the worst imaginable remodel outcome.

Follow these steps to have your home remodel FAIL!

Below we have comprised the all-time top remodeling LIES!!!

1. Do not ever dream about this remodel, or look for inspirations. Ideas and inspirations are a no no. Steer clear of Pinterest and home décor magazines, these will give you dreams and ideas of a perfect remodel. Think of how you want remodel each room once you get to it, never plan before you start.

No plan = fail. You must have a plan and ideas of how you want your remodel to look before you start. Take all of your ideas and put them together in a binder or file so that you can get a better feel for what direction you want your remodel to go in. Write down all of the things you dream of and your partner, even if it is a spa bathroom or laundry room addition.

house ideas


2. Don’t set a budget. Checking to see how much money you have to actually spend on this project or need to finance is warned against. It doesn’t matter how much your home is worth, or the how much the homes around you are worth. Spend as much as you want on your home remodel, you will get it all back if you plan on selling anyways.

You must set a budget and figure out how much is too much to spend on this project. You can waste the most money by not using the money you have wise enough.



3. DIY the whole remodel project. Contractors and professionals, who needs them? Everything can be done on your own, and may even cost you less money than anticipated, if you have the spare time to work after you get off your day job.

You can NOT DIY your whole home remodel. There are certain projects that you can DIY, but if you are not experienced you may waste money and time, and end up with a major fail. Check into local remodel companies and bring all your ideas to the tables.

4. If you do hire someone for help, give them all the money up front and just let them do the remodel without any contracts or guarantees. No need to check references or other completed projects of theirs, all remodel companies are created equal.

Do your homework! Not every contractor or professional remodel company is professional. A contract should be drawn up with deadlines and phases, contractors ask for a deposit but generally require full payment once completed.

5. If you need to get a loan, get the first loan you hear about. Quick money is the most important thing when looking for a remodel home loan.

Check what types of loans are available, interest rate and amount available. Do not settle for the first loan that offers quick money, they may cost you in the long run.

6. The most expensive materials and fixtures are the best way to go when you want to make money on your remodel. If your new kitchen is worth more than your neighbor’s kitchen, then your house will sell and make you tons in profit.

Expensive materials do not mean that you will make more money necessarily when you sell. There is a such thing as investing too much money on a remodel, and losing money when you sell. Be wise.


You can either do your remodel the right way or the wrong way. Get educated and think things through before you jump the gun. Remodel smart the first time.