Tile Trends for 2017: What’s New in the Industry?


Tile Trends for 2017: What’s New in the Industry? Are you considering a flooring update for your home? Perhaps you want to talk with a Los Angeles remodeling contractor to set up a whole new flooring plan for your home, or maybe just change a room or two. Whatever the reason you’re looking at flooring, tile is one option you should highly consider for your home. It’s easy to clean, looks great in every area of the home, and offers a variety of options for you to choose from. You can make the room look however you wish with the right tile choice. Here are some of the upcoming trends for tile in 2017.

Cement Tile

You may not think of a cement floor as part of your home look at first, but this is a trend that is rising in popularity. The tiles look like a cement floor and are a unique and modern way to update your flooring. It goes great in the living areas of the home to add a clean and fresh appearance.

Wood Tile

Laminate and hardwood flooring are very popular in homes across the country. When people are in the midst of doing a kitchen remodeling project, this is one of the highly popular choices. However, many people love the ease of caring for tile over the hardwood. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Tiles are now coming in a hardwood floor look so that you have the look of natural wood in your home but you can care for it very easily just as you do other tile flooring.

Brick Tile

Starting out as an accent wall trend, brick tile is now making its way to the floor. These unique tiles offer a modern look of brick without having to lay and mortar each individual piece. They were really big recently in the home remodeling industry as an accent wall in the kitchen or living areas, and now they have made it to cover the entire floor.

Classic Marble Tile

These are beautiful classic styles and offer a touch of elegance to any home. Choose from a wide variety of patterns and styles such as the granite look for any part of your home. While marble itself can be very porous and hard to clean, the marble tile look offers the same beauty without the hassle.

Colors and Patterns

How your tile is laid out is just as important as the tile you choose to place in your home. There are a variety of pattern options to choose from and working with your Los Angeles remodeling contractor can help you choose the one you love the most. Patterns can be a geometric design or they can simply be laid out in a chevron style.

Colors vary depending on the room you’re working in. One of the most popular colors of tile that seems to be around to stay is the different shades of gray that are available. One very popular design is the gray wood tiles.

Choosing your flooring can be an exciting and fun journey or it can be overwhelming. Talk with your Los Angeles remodeling contractor to see what works best in your home today.