Transform your backyard with Hardscape

Transform your backyard with Hardscape Question: What is "Hardscaping"? Which Materials Does It Encompass?

Answer: "Hardscaping" refers to the non-living components of a landscape. Hardscaping includes elements made from wood, even though wood was once an animate material (in the form of trees). Living plants, by contrast, constitute the "softscaping."

In particular, as the name implies, "hardscaping" refers to hard materials such as those composed of concrete, brick or stone, in addition to wood. For instance, constructing a patio or deck is a hardscaping project, as is a brick walkway, a stone wall, or a wooden fence.

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The back yard is a great place to entertain when the weather is beautiful.  And Hardscaping is an attractive feature and offers many appealing options for your back yard, from a rustic stacked wall to a fully developed outdoor living room and kitchen. Once you've decided to create an outdoor space, you must plan carefully to meet your hardscaping goals and design your dream back yard. Every southern California home should take advantage of our incredible weather by expanding our living space into the outdoors through the use of patios, lovely dining or sitting areas. These areas are great for entertaining and just plain relaxing and also help ease the transition between house and garden!


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