Transform your home with the trends


Transform your home with the trends Keeping up with interior design trends is no easy task. When this requires a serious financial investment most of us prefer to ignore them. What if there were easy ways to transform the look of your home without having to replace the furniture? We offer you some simple home design transformations following recent trends in the world of interior design.


Contrasting Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is often the most expensive to redesign. Because of this kitchen cabinets are the oldest pieces of furniture in many homes. Don’t worry! You can transform your kitchen cabinets by just putting a fresh coat of paint in the colors that are on trend now. The biggest design hit these days is painting the lower and upper cabinets in two different colors. The most popular is grey  for the lower and white for the upper cabinets. You can pick from different shades of grey for the lower cabinets, ranging from very dark to very light. This stylish and timeless color scheme will add glamour to your kitchen.

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Persian Rugs in the Bathroom

Opt for a colorful Persian rug instead of a bathroom mat. Bathrooms can feel somewhat sterile and adding a pop of color is a simple solution. Persian rugs are a hot trend at the moment. They are very graphic and colorful and they are often enough to transform the look of an entire room. They work well in the bathroom and make a perfect accent item.

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Mixing Old and New

Mixing furniture and other design elements from different decades or even centuries is very on trend. For example you can mix ultra modern furniture with old vintage dressers and chairs. This brings an eclectic feel to living spaces. You would want to make your home to look like there are layers of history in it and this is easy to achieve by adding some antique pieces. Think again before you throw away old furniture!

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Homier Bathroom

One of the hottest interior design trends of 2016 is bathrooms that feel like living spaces. There are several tips and tricks you can follow to achieve that cozy bathroom feel. Add a seating area in the bathroom or just a comfortable armchair. You can also add furniture with more shelving. Plants are also a good way to make the bathroom look more like your living room.

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