Where do you start fixing up a fixer upper?

Where do you start fixing up a fixer upper? Buying a brand new house or even newer house isn’t feasible for everyone. Buying a fixer upper could have been your dream, who knows. Though now that you are all moved in, where do you start when you can’t fix up the whole house at once? It seems like there is an issue every corner your turn and the issues keep adding up.

If you haven’t ever experienced a fixer upper or older house, the experience is like this; kitchen & bathroom sink backs up and wont drain, bathroom shower is slow to drain (so you are standing in dirty water),  the washer is flooding your laundry room or garage, your windows are all single paned and have no barrier to the outside elements, you have a leaky roof, your lights only turn on half the time you flick the on switch, let’s not even talk about the flooring (it’s that bad). The kitchen layout is horrible – don’t even think about having more than one person in the kitchen at any one time, mismatched cabinets, no garbage disposal or dishwasher,  ONE electrical outlet, and the appliances are not energy saving friendly. Now on to the bathroom- it may be shaped like a hallway – long and narrow, or it may be the size of a closet. It is outdated, no ventilation, and the word relaxing doesn’t pop into your head. Older houses have either very small closets or no closets, this just spells disaster. This is just the start to what a fixer upper has in store for you.


All you can see in your head is knocking down walls to make that grand open floor plan, a large chef’s kitchen, walk-in closets, spa style bathroom, new floors throughout, and to have your electrical and plumping situation in working order. All you can see is your fixer upper looking like a brand new house .The whole house remodel is nice, but sometimes you have to start small, and that’s perfectly fine. You have to figure out where to start before you start.


Make a list of all of the major issues, like the sinks not draining, leaks, plumping and electrical issues – make a list of all the major things that have to work before anything else. There is no point in remodeling the kitchen if the ceiling leaks so bad it’s like the kitchen is raining. Once you have the major issues listed you can now move on to the things that you need to change or fix, then a list of the things you want to add. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so your house doesn’t have to be remodeled in one either. Consulting a remodeling company after you have created your list is recommended.

A remodeling company isn’t you worst enemy. You may be thinking that they are more expensive than you can afford, but this may come to a surprise to you, you can afford them. Remodeling and interior design teams can help look at your house and your list of issues and break down where to spend your money first, where you can save money, and if they can help you finance the remodel projects. For help with your fixer upper – contact Spazio LA today. 1.877.642.7772