10 Home Investments you may be missing


10 Home Investments you may be missing Not all home investments are created equally. Here are the top 10 best home investments that will bring you return when you sell. And if you aren’t thinking of selling, they are good remodel tips to help you love the home you are in.

1. Kitchen – Kitchens sell homes! Kitchens bring people together, this is all too true. Consider having a remodel company help design and work the space you have, they can transform it into something amazing and new. Adding an island with seating space is a great option to consider.

2. Bathroom(s) - It’s a nightmare to walk into a house for sale and see that the bedrooms are the size of dollhouses. The realtor tells you. “You can fit a Queen bed here and a nice dresser here.” When really they mean you can fit a twin bed here, and a night stand here, but don’t expect to be able to walk around the room. Right? Invest in bedroom size, especially the master. Trends in master bedrooms are now having a sleeping area and a sitting area/office. Think about the size of the bedrooms in your house and which needs help. The average size of a regular bedroom is 120sq ft, and the master bedroom average is 350sq ft.

3. Ceiling – Nothing scream OLD HOUSE, more than an acoustic ceiling. The popcorn on the ceiling will really give an impression of outdated, and have people asking; “when was this house built?” Scrape of the popcorn and remodel the ceiling. There are numerous ways you can do this, best so far: Hire someone else. Removing popcorn ceilings is no fun, and much faster for someone whom does this for a living.

4. Flooring – Upgraded flooring will always be a good thing to consider when remodeling. Carpet in bathrooms – gut it. Laydown flooring that compliments the home and makes a space feel larger. If you are in an area where there is a lot of dirt and dust or a laundry room, think of any easy to clean surface for your flooring. Remember, cheap is not always good. Find a material that will last!

5. Plumbing – We tend to forget the things we can’t see. Plumbing is one of those things we forget. Improved plumbing is priceless and so important. Leaks, clogs, poor water pressure – avoid them and have your plumbing inspected.

6. Insulation – Protect your home from the outside elements. Keep the cool in when it’s hot, and the heat in when it’s cold. Invest in good quality insulation; this saves money and your home.

7. HVAC/Furnace – Not only will an updated furnace or HVAC system save you money, but it will add to the comfort level of your home. Temperature controlled homes are a great selling point. We as buyers pay for convenience, the convenience of not having to update the HVAC and Furnace is huge, and being able to move into a temperature controlled home is of great value.

8. Front Yard - This is and will always be the first impression of your home. A great front yard means great curb appeal. Using hardscape and landscape you can draw the attention to your yard. Check your area for low maintenance plants if you are concerned about water conservation. There are options for every budget, but you don’t want to skip this all together. Add a covered patio to the front yard to have that extra space to entertain and enjoy.

9. Backyard – Nothing is better than having a great backyard paradise to enjoy and entertain in. Homes with large yards are great, but homes with beautifully designed yards are even better. Adding a great outdoor living space will give your home extra oomph. Pergolas are great features to add as well as water features. Think tropical escape in your backyard.

10. Additions – Adding more square footage will boost your home’s value, if done properly. Adding a 300 sq foot utility closet doesn’t count as adding value. Consider adding space to rooms that are going to be utilized and enjoyed. For instance adding a large walk-in closet or two, to the master bedroom is a great selling feature, as is an exceptionally large kitchen and living space.