Limit the stress in your home and live happier


Balance Comfort and Style in your Home with color! What does comfort in your home mean? It could mean art work plastered walls or rooms filled with soft linens and lush green plants. Comfort means something different to each of us, and comfort is something we all strive to achieve. It is much more calming to know you can come home from a hard day’s work to a comfortable living environment. Design your home with aspects of life that make you happy, calm and comfortable.

before5-675x464 livingroom

Décor inspired by you

Find your favorite decorative style or colors and bring in touches of yourself. This could mean adding a DIY project you are proud of or reupholstering your favorite chair, find a way to reflect you in every room. When you have kids it may be easier to add comfort, use art work and projects created by your family to hang on the walls, kids naturally bring comfort to a home. Not only can home owners bring comfort to their homes, but apartment dwellers can include pictures of their favorite places to travel, and photo collages to add comfort without having prior authorization from a landlord.  There are no rules or guidelines that are a must to comfort, the possibilities are endless.

Bring nature in

Natural elements are the easiest way to make a home feel comfortable. Take Water for instance, in the home the sound of water is tranquil and meditative. Water walls or fountains in your home can add that natural feel and create a relaxing environment. Natural materials such as wood, stone, live plants and natural textiles feel good to the touch and are visually appealing. Try hanging linen curtains for a natural style. If you can’t bring in the physical natural elements, bring in the colors that remind you of it. Neutral colors as well as blues, greens and browns are good paint colors for that natural feel of comfort.